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Guillaume Thevenot
Interests: golf, blogs, cinema, squash, internet, networking, travel and a lot of music
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@Martin - I need to check this Hotel Taylor. I come across the 9 hotel as well the other day nearby Gare du Nord. Seems like a nice hotel with a touch of innovation in there.
@Richard - Thanks a lot @Velit - Hopefully you're right. It is really exciting indeed.
@Sue - Charles. It sounds like you need to open a fan page!
@Dominic - thank you for your input. And it is verified as my Gmail account remove the picture straight away and ask me for permission to load the picture @John - thank you for sharing your own experience @Luxury Hotels - great stuff. Let us know when your newsletter is up and running @Joseph - agree but bear in mind that email with info@ could be blocked by your customer email provider. So it might be worth to open a more subtle one
@Martin - good to hear from you. When I speak to hoteliers (from hotel groups to independant hotels) there is usually no direct links to bookings when using Social Media. But it is becoming one of the sources to get a looker into a booker. If the hotel engage in a good way on Twitter, you can find some rather surprising guests coming to your hotel because they were attracted by the unique 1 2 1 conversation you started on the Social Media platform. Hyatt with their concierge is making money from their 2 years investement on Twitter because they add value on this extra service and understood everything about a 2 ways communication platform. It's not push anymore. It is push, pull, both. Listen, engage and respond.
@Mike - You are spot on. I don't think the question is reflecting the issues hotelier encounter today. Data without interpretation and calls to actions are useless anyway
@NAbdelmegeed - yes yes yes
@alizacarver2011 - agree. Morgans Hotel group does a lot of things right. But there is a price to pay for this sort of services @James - I dont believe a second they will follow Easyhotels strategy @Aliza - you again. Looking for SEO juice?
@James - I am with you on that one. I won't be staying in somebody'else house that I don't. But I guess others might find the value proposition appealing to them.
@James - I had the same argument a while ago. is more into small meetings below 50 pax. Complex meetings still need to be made face2face, by the phone with RFP and so on. Also what's critical is the ability to compare quickly different options. So information like maps of the venue, photos and so on are very important. Ciara was saying that corporate tend to book meetings much more lastminute that they used to do. @Jaipur - great. I guess you're looking for some SEO right?
@Ontario - nice to see hotels opening, hopefully they will be full of customers... @Mr Vancouver - well this is Edition Hotels not Marriott
@Alexander - Hello! I didn't see you were having a lot of hotels in the UK hence why I didn't list the group for UK chains
@ James - have you tried renting a spare room yet? @Travel Mom - gotta to investigate what is a Blue Ocean Strategy !!! @Noha - I am not sure celebrities visit. But they seem to invest in the idea though
@Robert - Hum it sounds to me that you don't like working with intermediaries. Which is fine. To say that all these guys are parasites make me feel that their customers are also parasites then? I believe you had issues with intermediaries before so it would be great to discuss this further @John - Groupon may take a bigger commission but their offers are also limited in time. Usually they don't last more than days. Question is which intermediaries bring you the most customers at a good ROI?
Hello Pierre, I have discovered that the 4L classification has been dropped in France since 2009. There is a 5* classification now. See the official document found on the Minister of Tourism
Hello Pierre, Thank you for your input. Thinking globally, can you name any other country who adopted a 4L category. We both know most travellers around the world understand 5*. 4L is probably better known as an old car (-> Renault) I agree with you that the 7 stars in Dubai doesn't make any sense at all. But there are quite a lot things extraordinary in Dubai that I don't understand myself... I don't think Four Seasons Georges V is "someone's favorite hotel". It it widely known as one of the best hotels in the world. Period. It will be very interesting to see in a year time what this additional classification has brought to the table. More business? Less Competition? Better awareness of the top of the top hotels in France? Any adoption of the Palace classifcation outside France?
Hello Madigan, Great to hear from you and thank you for your comment. I plan to have a follow up video interview with SLH so watch this apce. The promotion is not complicated but it requires time and effort to find the coins. But I have seen before similar games where users were really getting into the game. Personally, I am not but I only spent one hour on the site though. How to measure the success or failure of the campaign: nb Twitter, followers, nb of likes on FB, how many registrants on the loyalty programme and more importantly how much engagement between the brand and the consumers on Social Media sites. This is the last bit I am more interested in. Cheers, Guillaume
Dear Peter, thank you for your contribution. I don't know personally Andrew Davis but all I can say is that he's been able to come up with a hotel brand that the UK luxury market will miss for sure. I am sure he will re-bounce on something else soon.
@jean paul: I wonder why very few hotel companies use this then @Jim: thank you for submitting 2 new lines @Josiah: Jumeirah . Didn't see this one @LR: Park Inn -> don't see this on their website Villages Hotels as you said was taken off
@boracay Thanks for submitting this new entry. Do you know know their Twitter name? @Josephine Because I only list UK chains
@Renee - True. I guess operators need to be careful about not altering what their customers said about their product. It's all about transparency. @Murree - Indeed. @Dhanjay - Thanks for pointing this out.
@Duncan - you're right but it is very hard to reflect your excellent good service on a website (or brochure). It's better to focus on your product and value proposition. I think can be told through reviews though that you will add on your website @Josiah - Thanks buddy. Will try to add more examples in part.2 @Ryan - thanks Ryan for your kind words. Please feel free to share your website when it is ready to go to promote your B&B
@James I can't agree. My blog has taken a new level with Twitter. What do you like about Travelodge Twitter account. Personally I don't think their approach is right. It's all about offers and deals all the time. @Sam thanks Sam for your contribution and keep up the good work. You are definitely ahead of the game on understanding Twitter.
@Pousadas, Sure What aout Tumblr?
@Sandton Malie Thanks. Same to you @Peixe Urbano Sure. What are you doing on Twitter anyway?