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Philadelphia, Penna., USA
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And watch Sandberg stand there, saying nothing. What a pussy.
Worst rule in the history of the fucking game. Buster Posey is a pitiful little bitch. What a joke.
Jay Bruce is a gifted physical comedian.
I'd suggest Harang should be dealt sooner rather than later, but Amaro is probably demanding some club's #1, #2 & #3 prospects in return.
Yet another in a long line of moronic contracts doled out by Ruben. I'm thrilled that he's going to have the rest of the season to further fuck things up before his own contract isn't extended.
We're not likely to watch back-to-back Phils games as fun as the last two have been for awhile.
If not for Franco this team would be wholly unwatchable.
Tal: I'll stick with nine. Tonight, though: Franco, Franco, Franco! That kid is fun to watch.
The headline on reads "O'Sullivan Looks To Go Distance Against Reds" Who knew the ol' ball club had such a sense of humor?
My feeling is teams are less willing to give up top prospects than they might have been in the past, & those teams that are still willing probably don't have very good #1-#2 players. Whatever the Phillies get for Hamels is going to be a disappointment, as the nature of "worth" in MLB has changed.
Hamels is not worth more than a 3rd best prospect, at least not from a team with a farm system worth a damn. The simple fact is clubs no longer need to make mid-season panic moves, nor do they appear to be inclined to do so. There are a myriad of ways to sneak into the Postseason, which makes mortgaging the future a bad bet. Intelligent GMs realize this. But the Phillies don't have an intelligent GM. They have Ruben Amaro, Jr.
No being able to throw strikes is the cornerstone of Phillies pitching development (see: Diekman, DeFratus, Garcia ...) It will be a miracle if the Phillies don't lose 100+ games both this season & next.
Meals, Bucknor, Hernandez, West. All should have been fired years ago.
Saw that coming a mile away. Hernandez is a shit umpire, & he was bound & determined to toss someone.
That's just Angel Hernandez being Angel Hernandez ... which is to say, being an arrogant jackass.
Asche. All part of The Plan ...
I'm not worried. Ruben has a plan!
I'd attend more often, but what's the point? After all I don't even understand the game.
With Asche returning the Phillies might be forced to only carry 14 OF on their roster.
Conway: So I take it you won't be submitting an advance order for "Hey, Remember The Kid Who Caught Howard's Homer In Colorado? The 2015 Phillies Video Yearbook"?
I set out to read the thread in question but my brain was wholly unable to process the concept of TTI as the voice of reasoned opposition, which forced me to abandon my attempt. TGP must be largely populated by folks who only began following the Phillies this millenium, as no one who clearly recalls the bulk of the 90s (let alone the mid-late 80s) could possibly be so blindly supportive of the FO.
Did anyone else enjoy watching Papelbon pitch while the Phils were down 7 runs, a day after he pointedly wasn't utilized in tense, very winnable game? I realize a majority of managers play that the same way, but it still drives me around the bend.
The good news is it should only take the FO another 3 seasons or so to figure out what the rest of us already know. Namely, that Sean O'Sullivan has no business playing baseball for a living.