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Jordan Guagliumi
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In my town, I would have a hard time opening a new coffee place that could compete with Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. But I could give away free coffee - that would absolutely generate some traffic to my store. But the problem is, I wouldn't have a store, beacuse I'd be out of business. Signs in my drive-thru lane (the player ads, if you will) and video ads on the menu board (preroll, if you will) won't offset my costs. It's easy to suggest "Commercial Free" when you don't have to pay the royalties or bandwidth costs. No commercials = growing audience = higher TSL = rising costs, with no end in sight. Not a worthwile business proposition. Selling some 120x90 pixel ads and preroll impressions will NOT offset the costs, even with creative math. However, Fred, I understand the sentiment of your post. And I am pleased to say that at Saga, we are experimenting with an approach in the middle... on a few streams, we are removing filler content and in-stream commercials. We sell the preroll and player ads, of course, and then run a solid schedule of short "stream is brought to you by _____" on both the stream and on the terrestrial signal. Getting a limited number of clients to pay for this exclusive "presenting sponsor" opportunity is valuable. We are running maybe 4x or 5x of these :15 sec announcements (think NPR) with more injected music -- instead of 10 mins of fill per hour. The jury is still out- Jordan Guagliumi Director of Interactive Sales Saga Communications
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Aug 2, 2011