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Karim Guessous
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Currently spending the weekend in morocco, and these guys could care less about LBS. If you pronounce Facebook, now we are talking! Ok, here is the long and short of it: - MSFT canNOT survive without buying the other 98.5% of Facebook (DST would be more than happy to take 7.5X) - GOOG takes over MSFT's bread and butter while clouding the rest of us. - While AAPL is just enjoying itself reinventing our experience on the web... - AOL and YHOO getting bored and merging to hopefully become too big not to get acquired. ... now the fun part, what happens to LBS? - Facebook develops their own LBS organically and get even the moroccans to appreciate it! ... and twitter in all of this? - they are too cool for me to figure out!
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Apr 10, 2010