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Timo Gufler
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Only if someone could combine beauty of private islands and great geography of mainland. But is it too tough equation? Maybe there will be a grid one day, where this dream becomes true.
If they just could focus on keeping the existing users happy instead of trying to reach the Facebook dummies... Seems like we can only dream about seeing bugs like SVC-472 (about region crossing problems) fixed one day, because LL concentrates on everything else... *sighs*
Nice feature, but I just wonder, if these messages can be read in-world too... Also, a normal mailbox is more convinient for offline communication, because you can use your email software in your mobile phone too. For contacting those, whose email addresses are not know for you, this sounds like a great new tool. I just hope, the message won't cap as easily as regular IMs...
Yet another new feature... *sighs* But when will LL fix the region crossing problems that really have annoyed us for years?
I think, that the following things would make the upcoming username drama smoother: 1. high enough price for changing your visible name 2. limitation how often you can change it 3. possibility to register one visible name, that would prevent anyone else using them. By default all the old names must be allocated by the current owner.
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Aug 20, 2010