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@Ray Tartaglione Please stop lying. You know, and I know, that Hen Island has approvals for everything they have out there dating back to at least 1989. All the septic systems were approved by people who served the Rye community a generation ago. Lenny Myerson was barely a twinkle in his mothers eye when the ALL the septic systems were approved by RYE and the Westchester BOH back in the early 90's. Mr. Zef was the head of the Planning Commission when all this went down. You lie and tell RYE that there is some sort of coverup but if there is it goes back a generation. We all know now that this whole thing involves MONEY, INFLUENCE and CORRUPTION on YOUR part and George Latimer and has nothing to do with Hen Island. In fact, Hen Island may have more approvals for what they have out there than most residences in RYE. If there are any violations to be issued in the next inspection, it should be issued to George Latimer for CORRUPTION.
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Mar 31, 2012