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i'll be happy to let you have the last word.
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'For now I would suggest there are four main groups of individuals who are actively involved, often without their conscious knowledge, in the Information War, whose work tends to damage the interests of the West:" "four main groups of individuals who are actively involved... in the Information War". you forgot the Fifth Group: "the Jihadis". i think including them makes the perspective more accurate and the purpose of your article more clear. the on-camera execution of the Iraqi Elections workers, reviewed at length by wretchard's Belmont Club, showed me that AP,al-Reuters and of course AFP, (with AFP's video of "freedom fighters" attempting to down commercial planes delivering cargo to Baghdad airport) are deeply involved in the Information War. CNN's agreement to "look the other way" in Saddam's Iraq in order to gain broadcasting access also come to mind. one wonders if the journalism profession simply collapsed in the face of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, rather than trying to find ways to come to grips with their own participation in news events. _________________________ "It occurred to me that while many people have assumed that the MSM have "chosen sides" and are in opposition to the West, there is really no particular evidence for such a claim. How is it that so much of the MSM reporting is inaccurate, slanted, partially accurate, and seemingly almost designed to damage our war efforts, not only in Iraq, but throughout the entire sphere of the Information War against Islamic fascism?" SW - are you saying you don't see those two statements(quoted directly above) as non-sequiturs?? by what,then,do you imagine their "inaccurate, slanted, partially accurate, and seemingly almost designed to damage our war efforts" stories,editorial,and reporting are motivated?? what DO you consider it evidence of?? best regards - -gumshoe
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"Jung took up Heraclitus' doctrine of enantiodromia to point out the tendency of things to turn into their opposite. The current cartoon jihad shows that pc liberalism becomes the doorway to Islam. "Irony" doesn't begin to describe that." Posted by: EssEm | March 02, 2006 at 10:23 AM EssEm - having been thru the phase and hopefully left it behind, "Irony" is to mature thinking what "Sarcasm" is to teenage emotional expression: it's a stunted,undeveloped phase waiting to be left behind. imo,Irony operates on the premise that some group (usually deemed inferior to oneself or one's own identity group) holds contradictory/confused views of some idea or event or behavior. it's too self absorbed to admit that a greater(human)synthesis may be be at work that 'even THEIR advanced intellectual skills' can't grasp. humility is,after all, much less fun than condescension.
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OT David - not a credentialed response, but i replied on your YARGB post re: Libby.
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ShrinkWrapped - have you had an opportunity to read thru Stephen Hicks' "Explaining PostModernism" yet??
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it used to be: "the victors write the history". the new strategy would seem to be: 1) teach students that "history" is corrupted,a pack of lies, and therefore worse than wrong or irrelevant. ...then... 2) write & re-write "the new,approved history" on a *daily* basis. since there is "No Truth", none of this matters. isn't PoMo grand??
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beautiful climate and a generous public stipend. you'd have to be pretty fogged up to miss getting on the greyhound for the coast.
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__________________________________________________________ "The thing is, there IS *some* validity in this. There's just a limit to how and where it can be sensibly applied." - Posted by: Nick B | August 3, 2005 07:45 PM __________________________________________________________ the problem,as your second line there targets accurately Nick B., and the "Human Potential/PoMo/Moral Relativism/Socially-Constructed Reality" crowd demonstrates on a regular basis, is that their epistmemology grants no yardsticks, no reality-testing,indeed no critical thought, and also incudes a rabid attack on Reason and rationality. "limits" and "sensible application" are NOT part of the world-view. they would be attributes of the "Oppressive Other". PoMo has all the merits of a poorly constructed experiment: 1) change almost ALL the variables at the same time. 2) good luck measuring any sort of "improvement", let alone continuing,or repeating, or building on the results. it's been said that human society changes in two ways: Evolution or Revolution. the revolutionaries rarely get what they anticipate and yearn for. nor do their neighbors. but with history abolished,who would know?? -gumshoe
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"Spain's populace were opposed to their involvement in the Iraqi theater, but were assumed to be prepared to re-elect Zapatero until the Madrid bombings, in March, 2004." SW - re: "re-elect" that could only apply to Jose Maria Aznar... the Spanish incumbent at the time. (Prime Minister of the Spanish government from May 5, 1996 to April 17, 2004.) the current appeaser-in-residence is >>>Zapatero. best- -gumshoe
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