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obi please don,t mind. I see no reasons for u to justify yourself on this forum whatsovever...all the people who clicked on the news item about you are directly or indirectly interested with the word scamming talkless of those who were first to drop comments on here.None of them to be honest would have that oppurtunity to make some quick cash with an unkown shallow thinking Mr evert and turn it down.HOW MANY PEOPLE ON HERE WOULD PICK A PURSE FULL WITH MONEY AND BRING IT TO A POLICE STATION?you claim to be betteroff than obi right?no way,Put a flashback on the daily bribes you give to police officers while riding the tattered streets of Cameroon,thats encouraging in a way bribery and corruption,secondly you struggle to bribe at the d,la airport to take extra luggage with you on your flights,the world knows Cameroon as one of the worlds most corrupt countries and you could see it in the way the police harassed abi till he had to bribe his way out of the cell.who is really in this case the scammer?the Police force or The brilliant Obi?that money was brought into our community and in one way or the other obi help fed some hungry citizens or better say spread the wealth to the needy.Keep on my boy,change ur track if possible,there is much online to do.if the mugu is stupid then its his fault stranger
u so called pastors who are not even ashame to challenge have been carried away by your fake preachings and shoutings that you don,t even use your reasoning go that far to challenge nature by raising the dead....ohhh pity on the poor mugu congregation that have been brainwashed and carried by your karate singing preaching and late night loud singing (money making in god,s name).you search for weakminded ignorant poor africans who seek miracles through your financial prayers and singing in mushroom churches rather than doing something to earn a living even being it cleaning toilets!!!!you wait for miracles from god through your 419 pastors whom you believe in till the extend not to respect the limbe SG,s last respect:::Ignorance,Foolishness!you expose a corpse and lay besides praying and inhaling bacterias for the sake of miracles....tell your pastors to envoke their miracles on the numerous HIV victims back home,for the biya regime to fail,for their own fake preachings and for hypocricy.WAKEUP AFRICA
Limbe Councils Budget FCFA 2 Billion and we start reading how thy intend to put the money in use 1---acquiring office equipment 2---acquisition of new vehicles 3---construction of houses for workers and office space for the council something to laugh at,i guess all these projects would double this council budget of 2 million taking into considerations the many corrupt self-interest hands the money would pass through and the fake figures you would see on their bills. Limbe one of cameroons only tourist attraction which is a nightmare has raised a budget of 2 billion and nothing is being mention to improve on its touristic sector which could generate tripple that amount,but you hear them talking about buying cars,building houses for workers as if they sleep on the streets,take a look at the Limbe Down beach shore which is the first impression you capture about the city,what you find there is a smelling fish market, what impression do we give visitors when the first sight of the city sucks so much?Dirty streets full with gabbage all over newtown,half mile,churh street.A tiny group of orange dressed men and women claim to keep the city clean but they barely do nothing rather than patroling the streets(tiny paths) up and down.Visit the bars and pubs around town,all dirty and sucking epecially the rest rooms(toilets).To use them is just a nightmare cus you have to halt you breath and close your eyes to ease yourself,I just don,t want to think about what kind of dieseases you could get from there,where are the sanitory inspectors?who licence these bar owners to operate?How many more years do we need to learn to meet foriegn standards?where is the patriotism?why can they not use this budget to improve on security,sanitation,fight aids and other diseases ,create roads and to attract tourism?when i move through travel agencies in Europe,i see them advertising holidays in Gambia,Kenya,Tanzania,South africa,and so on,i look at the pictures,the seaside,the culture,the integration and i ask why can,t we not copy from them?i would be proud to see my country among the above also one Limbe mayors,wake up please stranger
dannyboy..its a pleasure reading your sensefull comments...thats what we need back home...refined and retouched brains 24/7...there,s an epidermic outthere in cameroon that has affected the minds of people and its nothing more than this mentality issue..At times you feel everyone above the age of two is affected back home when you read some of their views(don,t want to hurt no one please).as you mentioned above,europeans work 24/7 to make ends meet,they never dream of miracles but they work to realize real things,no fantasies,but their death rate is lower,their sickness rate is lower,their poverty rate is lower without them hanging around such pastors asking for blessings,they work for blessings!!!if we don,t wash our african brains we would never wakeup...we let any donkey pastor to rehearse his pastor acting skills on us,they are all chalatants,but most our eyes are blined(we act with our instincts and not with our reasoning)...there,s one so called big name(or used to be)who made his money on our dark planet in the name of Rheinhard bonnke who,s an unkown figure in his native country of Germany.Charity begins at home...why is he so unporpular here?why?why? please cameroonian bros..rise from sleep and do something for your helicopter would ever come from heaven to miracle you please danny boy..your comments really impressed me..its worth living abroad eventhough ;going to europe is one thing and for europe to go inside you is another; stranger...germany
anointed...i beleive we are on a matured forum,but one smells a lot of emptiness and prejudice in wonder ur a victim of such have a brain blockade and thats why you feel everyone abroad is a southern cameroon refugee(giving facts about farfechted topics to you)typical african mentality could still as well use normal day to day language to write your views..loud sounding terms like auspieces and gravity was,nt really needed bigman.don,t use a maschine gun to shot a rat please
the next you,ll read is this almighty pastor has opened his on church...with 259 people ,i think is a good start and he must have studied in nigeria too...a good business for the new pastor scamming game...Let him not forget to exercise his good delivering power on the numerous corrupt gendermes and police officers on the patchy cameroonian so called roads who accept even winning beercocks as bribe or better say to deliver our nation from this terrible yaounde based regime...that would be the best testimony stranger...Germany
while Europeans are flying to space and using witchcraft(science)to better the living of mankind,you hear only such stupid hallucinations from our continent..why could this UB-astronaut not use her super powers to disappear and appear at the world bank to collect some colonial debt back in benefit of africa?why could she not use her powers to disappear and appear to the stranded africans off the coast of libya in search of pasture torwards Europe?or to pursue these arab miliz in Darfur who are a threat to the black residents there?or to cure the numerous aids patients on our continent?She could still use her powers as well to help feymen who can,t convince mugus again about wash wash to regenerate some spirit so they could flourish home some money from Europe(xmas is fast approaching)..or in a nutshell to disappear and appear in yaounde with her mirorr to invoke paul biya and his regime to blow them up with her special spiritual powder?instead she prefers to kill innocent civilians in her tale inspired by (Nigerian Movies) WAKE UP AFRICA;AFRICANS FROM YOUR FUNNY BELIEFS AND ARABIAN TALES. That,s how you used to call feyman in the early 80,s and 90,s miyungu or famla or what not...causing hatred all around and blaming people for things you can never prove...i guess this ub girl and the so-called pastor are a new brand of pastor dealing which has become a common practise today in Europe with a handfull of nigerian(former drug dealers)who have opened up in every corner in europe petit(cult)churches where they extort money from drugdealers and prostitutes who come there for cleansing you see them chanting louder than rheinhard bonnke using electic shokes to invoke apparent holy spirit aand requeting huge sums of money for special prayers..what wonders me is the growing number of chritian mugus they brainwash everyday..In every Afroshop ,church flyers(leaflets)are competing on the salescounter. Everyone has become a pastor (good orators)overnight. why can they not unite under one name to have an african congregation?...naja kann man nicht machen Please don,t fall a prey to this.....!!!!! stranger.. Germany