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Great Info. I would add one thing I learned from a Psychologist. In a situation where you want some one to follow instructions, tell them what to do. You should not tell them what not to do.In reference to this article saying Don't shoot seems like a good thing but the brain will process Shoot before it processes the don't. Here is an example. Whatever you do, do not think about this next sentence. Don't think about a pink elephant. What picture just flashed in your mind. Stupid pink elephant right. SO, I am the good guy. I was attacked. Everything is ok, Here is my ID. Would be better choices to communicate with the police in my opinion.
By: Scott Vandiver, SI instructor Atlanta, Ga. Many of today’s gun owners are influenced by visual marketing. Companies in the USA spend billions of dollars on advertising. The goal of any business is to turn a profit; regardless of what the POTUS says. The goal of advertising is to sell products and make a profit. Sling manufactures are no different. Some have really good products that do what is required. These companies do the research and field test their products. Other companies let the profit get in the way of selling the best gear. They cut back on research and testing. They outsource to the lowest bidder in a third world country. The best sling may not be the one with the best marketing or all the latest fasteners or buckles. Trained shooters know from experience what a good sling is and how to use it properly. One thing I like about the Suarez group is the fact we use and test products year round. No one in this group will recommend gear unless we use it. I have a... Continue reading
Posted Dec 14, 2012 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
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Dec 16, 2010