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Mikey Whine-stein has a record of harassing and attacking Evangelical Christians. Whine-stein is a Liberal Jewish USAFA graduate and retired AF LtCol. When Whine-stein's kid followed him by attending the USAFA, some zealous Evangelical Christian cadets witnessed to his kid and hurt his/her feelings. Ever since, it has been war on the Evangelicals -- first at the Academy (where he attacked some very fine men), and now everywhere in the entire DoD. The fool doesn't care about the Muslims, who would gladly slit his throats. No, he hates the very evangelicals who are very supportive of Israel. Thank you, Ms Geller, for calling this Dhimmi out for what he is. He is trying to save the military from the Evangelicals.
Ms Geller: Yes, SECDEF Gates is a politically correct weenie who is a patsy for Islam.... But, please, lets give credit where credit is due: Gates was appointed by ex-President GWBush.... You know, the guy who liked to HOLD HANDS with the leader of Saudi Arabia. Please try to remember this next time you are tempted to compare GWB to Obama. Bush was bad: Obama is certainly worse, but... Bush was also bad..... VERY bad, in fact, for this country! If these two are the best America can do, then... we are obviously finished.
FD wrote: "First you deny it Then you excuse it." I never denied it, as far as I can tell. And I didn't excuse it, either, until I read that the police had caged them in and refused to let them out even to relieve themselves. At that point, anyone would have done the same. Now, Mr D, back to the videos (to which you linked), where (name the vid and the minute marker) there is shown any physical violence between EDLers and the local police? Yes: Barriers were knocked down, but were any bobbies' heads cracked by EDLers? As far as I can see: I have to say, I think not. You increasingly appear to be simply a whiner -- usually a dead give-away that you are either a Muslim or a Dhimmi or a Laborite!
Can we all agree that "FrankDoleman" is either a Muslim, or Exhibit "A" of what a certified Dhimmi sounds like?
Two things bother me more than any of the other causes for concern: -The blackout by the US MSM of this entire struggle, and -The blatantly pro-Islamic posture/policies of the British police: Putting the EDL demonsrators in a cage? That is simply ASKING for them to break down the barriers: Some people probably needed to use the restroom. In other words, this was a set-up by the police to produce photos of cooped up EDLers breaking out of their "prison" -- photos that could be (and are being) spun as the EDLers going "out of control." Note to the British authorities: As Abe Lincoln said: "You can fool some of the people all of time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time!"
Ms Geller: You are doing Yeoman's work here. Where are the other "avatars of liberty" on this issue? Ignorant, clueless, and/or afraid, it would appear. It is almost as if Charles Johnson were a plant for the enemy, who -- after gaining popularity as a faux "conservative" -- then issued "fatwas," as it were, against all and sundry who dared express even a modicum of support for any group in Europe opposed to the spread of Islam. The topic is now virtually "off-limits" outside of your Atlas Shrugs blog! We need to get the word out. Another piece of the puzzle is the MSM's complete blackout of news of the kind you are running here, to wit -- of a protest, with arrests made, by one group protesting the spread ofIslam in England, and the other -- far more violent group -- opposing them. I am reminded of Hosea's words, though I am -- admittedly -- horribly wresting them out of context: " 6My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children." (Hosea 4:6).
Clarification: Certainly NOT ALL Generals are PC frauds: Lieutenant General Mixon (US Army), in Hawaii, recently found himself in hot water, because he dared to speak out in favor of RETENTION (vice repeal) of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Go figure: He was publicly scored by the SECDEF and the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, for DEFENDING current military policy.
The problem is that we have tough guys at the ground level doing the actual fighting, who are commanded by PC frauds. Said PC frauds (sometimes otherwise known as Generals and the SECDEF) frequently sell out these hard-fighting subordinates whenever the demands of political correctness require that some brave warriors be thrown under the bus to propitiate whiners in the MSM or the Muslim world. Someday, I hope that some of these Generals/SECDEFs can also experience first-hand what it feels like to stand trial for failing to back up our fighting men.
By the way, the Stanley Ann's baby poster is spot-on.
Ms Geller: I agree with everything you are saying about President Obama, without question. However, President Obama was not elected in a vacuum. If we are not able to give proper credit to the inept, Leftist practices of the GWB Administration and his RINO troops in Congress during the eight years prior to Obama, we deceive ourselves. The incompetent Bush, in effect, held the ball for Obama to kick the field goal of a complete Marxist takeover. Bottom line: He who despises Obama while defending GWB is deluding himself and/or is simply clueless about political realities in this once-great country. This means that we cannot be happy with the Scott Browns, John McCains, and Sarah Palins in leadership positions in this country, either. The day for half-measures is long over. Anyone who falls short of the standards set by Michelle Bachmann, Thaddeus McCotter, and (your favorite and mine) Allen West can no longer be endorsed by freedom-loving Americans who get it. Palin lost me when she went to AZ this week to campaign FOR McPain and against a true patriot named J.D. Hayworth. As GWB said, but didn't truly believe: "Either you are for us, or against us."
It's wayyyyy past the time when Fox News could cop ignorance (wrt CAIR) as their excuse. At this point, I see Fox as an undicted co-conspirator of the unindicted co-conspirator CAIR. I used to go to their news Web site daily: Now, not so much. I recommend all patriots begin to "detox" from their appetite for Fox news. Don't fall for their bait.... even if that bait is very attractive to the eyes.
Does this mean all those cuties are just "bints" in Murdoch-partner Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal’s "media harem?" (That's right: Megyn, Michelle, and the rest!)
". . . stealth jihadist Grover Norquist ...." Ms Geller: Agree 110% with your assessment of the diabolical Mr Norquist. Not only is he a stealth jihadist, but I just read that he is working to SUPPORT Obama's planned move to grant AMNESTY to the illegals in this country. Norquist needs to be exposed to all American political conservatives who think he is solid -- as I once did. Norquist ever looks the thoughtful scholar: Yet, he is to be resisted by those who understand the Islamic threat. He taints all that he touches, as far as I am concerned. One bonus comment: In my experience, normal, red-blooded, patriotic All-American boys don't normally MARRY Palestinian Muslim women! My take: There is something egregiously abnormal and unwholesome about this man.
"The Thomas More Law Center cannot represent Rifqa and Brian WIlliams because they have conflicting interests" is this true and if so - what now? Posted by: Gordon MacDonald | Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 11:57 PM /////////////////////// The fact of the matter is that Thomas More was contacted (by me) last August about getting involved in helping Rifqa. They demurred. My thinking is that TMLC later realized the importance of this case, and are now happy to help Brian Williams.
Clearly LTC (Ret) West is destined for great things. First step: We need to support him in his current quest to wrest a Florida seat in Congress from a liberal Democrat. That should be only the beginning: Clearly, this patriot has the potential to serve -- at least -- as Secretary of Defense or Secretary of Defense, and -- at best -- as President. People love him, because he dares speak the truth.
Laura Liebman wrote: Do the British not understand that the problems they are experiencing directly correlates to the country going against Israel? ////////////////// Very incisive comment. See Genesis 12:3: "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed."
More on that "wise Latina" comment. The ABA Journal just ran a piece indicating that the sex/ethnicity of a judge has a HUGE impact on the nature of the decisions likely to come from the bench -- at least in cases where sex/ethnicity play a role. I, for one, have noticed the disproportionate number of rotten decisions from female judges with regard to terror-related cases (although there have been some pleasant exceptions, as well).
Please go on line and flag this for hate! Let's get it pulled. This guy is scary, because he appears and sounds so reasonable!
Ms Geller writes: The League was the culmination of more than four years of effort which had been encouraged by Anthony Eden, then, Foreign Secretary of Great Britain [1]. Sadly, we will see this Jew hatred repeatedly in the Brits. Time and again, they sided with the annihilationists. It is no small wonder their country today is overrun by the very evil they empowered. Karma. ///////////// Ms Geller: Wow. Incisive observation regarding Britain's recent (at least, since the Zionist-friendly Balfour Declaration of 1917) embrace of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. Trenchant criticism. Only, rather than "Karma," I personally would prefer the Biblical language of sowing and reaping, as in: "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: ...," (Hosea 8:7a). So sad. And, to think that Britain once used its (former) status as a world power to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unbelievers (including Muslims) throughout the world.... Now, they must suppress the Gospel in THEIR OWN COUNTRY for fear of offending the invading Muslim hordes on their once fair shores. God save the Queen, INDEED!
Folks, whether we like the way in which it was reached, or not, it very much appears that the court's last two actions have pretty well won the day for Rifqa. Why would we want the case reopened at this point? As Barbarossa at JawaReport points out, reopening the case is now what CAIR attorney Tarazi is requesting of the court! That would be insane: We should all pray that Judge Gill laughs Tarazi and his request out of her court. Please keep in mind that I write as a die-hard and inveterate Atlas Shrugs fan and reader (and as a strong admirer of Ms Pamela Geller). Furthermore, I know full well that virtually no one cares more deeply for Rifqa's well-being than does Ms Geller. The problem here, as Stemberger, JewishOdysseus, and Barbarossa point out, is that what works in a courtroom is not necessarily what gives one a sense of justice being served and the evil being rebuked. Sometimes what works best in court is to work the system to one's client's advantage -- and, at long last, that does appear to be what has happened in Rifqa's case. It was not swift. It was not pretty. It was not without its scary moments and rough spots, but, please, people, let's not be stupid at this point: Barring the judge's approval of Tarazi's latest request, RIFQA HAS WON! Looking like it may soon be time to plan a party for Rifqa, Ms Geller -- maybe on August 11th! Here is the link to Jawa to which I alluded:
Rifqa: Willing to Die for the LORD Jesus Christ -- at her own family's hands.
Rifqa: Putting the Ummah on notice: In America, a Muslimah may ... (walk)!
Rifqa: She dared to tell CAIR, "NO!"
Rifqa: The teenage girl who dared to stare down the Ummah.
Rifqa: Giving Sharia Law the Evil Eye Since 2009.