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Guntram Graef
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This is another example for Linden Lab, yet again, chasing the wrong goose. Who exactly is going to pay $2.5 per hour for this? Unless they find a way to make this practically free it will just be another waste of time and resources.
I wish that what you are saying was true, but I am unable to share your optimism here. I simply don't think it matters. How long do you think somebody with the patience / attention span too short to wait for a small piece of software to install is going to last in Second Life after log in? IMHO, you are at most delaying his drop out by a few minutes. Instead of trying to attract a casual "mainstream" audience that is never going to stay in Second Life, it would make a lot more sense to focus on what makes Second Life attractive for its current active user base and market it to similar people. It is futile to spend resources on delaying the inevitable drop out of people who will never have the time, patience and dedication to make it through the Second Life learning curve. Linden Lab should choose the battles it can win instead of wasting its focus and resources on chasing the wrong goose. While I do welcome a faster install process I consider it only a minor improvement that is not going to have a measurable impact on growing the active core user base. The way for Second Life to grow again is to listen to its active dedicated customers, improve their experience and you will see that organic growth will return simply through word of mouth, just like in the pre-hype days.
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Feb 28, 2014