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Gus Keri
New York City
A life-long Liverpool fan who resides in New York City and also supports the New York Red Bulls.
Interests: Soccer, reading, music, movies
Recent Activity
I would prefer Lampard not starting with Gerrard on the same team. I know it's a sin to even think it, but Gerrard is better in Lamppard position. I see a formation of 4-4-2 with Gerrard, Barry, Milner, Wolcott, Rooney and Defoe. Terry is also out. He is a distraction.
Yeah! Watching this game made me wonder what Brazil could have done in the world cup if both Ronaldinho and Pato were there.
Agree with you. Going to the Red Bull Arena is still a nightmare. The city of Harrison is not ready for it yet. I hope they fix the situation before the begining of the next season.
Who is the color commentator of Milan's game? He sounds like an Italian guy who is trying hard to find the right English words.
And I will add that the US is in a better negotiating position now. In 2006, they had one of the worst performances in the WC and in need of any kind of help. While now, they had one of their better performances and the US and Bradley are on a high and there are good candidates for this prestigious job. In regard to JK's demand of more control over the youth developement, it makes a lot of sense. Especially after the success of the youth development in Germany which was initiated when JK was in charge.
They usually stand on the line, or close to it, next to the right post of the goal, in the opposite direction of the assistant referee.
What is Hodgson doing? Starting Kelly in RB and playing Johnson as RM. Liverpool is on their way out of Europe today. Thanks, Roy
this is one way to look at it
But Twente is not as strong as last year
They tried to keep teams from the same country in seperate brackets (red and blue or Tuesday vs, Wednesday) for TV. And the draw for the knockout round takes place in December. So, it is not the reason.
UCL draw was well balanced overall. But the group G is the closest to a group of death: AC Milan, Real Madrid, Ajax and Auxerre
For tv scheduling, Bayern should be in differnet bracket than Bremen abd Shalke
I know that I am rushing, but from the start I had my doubt about his hiring. I don't think he was good enough for Liverpool.
Hodgson out Dalglish in
The whole game is going at the speed of turtles. Continental soccer at its worst form.
A defesive mistake by Carragher allowed Barry to score for Man City.
"The Two Escobars" is a great documantary. It's too sad to see that soccer in some countries plays a very negative and destructive role.
I remember that game. There was somewhere arround 60,000 in attendance, split equally between England and Colombia. They have a lot of fans in NY area. But for some reason I have a feeling that the game is not going to be in NY. It's very rare for the US to play two games in NY in one calender year.
I don't think it's diamond. Tchani and Marquez are defensive mid. It's more like 4-2-2-2
How could that not be a PK? or
Arsenal are bunch of divers
Angel is getting on my nerve. He should stop complaining after every call. The majority of the offside calls are correct
The goal was Marquez's fault. He lost the ball at midfield and they countered. Then Mendes couldn't keep up with Buddle. It was not Ream's fault.
Nice save, Angel!