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Greetings IN Jesus name ! I am finally getting on board the facebook boat. I recently started finding Calvary Chapel classmates. William Fritz Joseph, Jenny Sneider, Elizabeth Dahl Kingery, Mike King, Leslie Quintannar, to name a few of the many blessings of Calvary Vista those few weeks ago... I started to get emotional as I read part of your blog. My dear sister Shelley Lucas Thomas had two miscarriages. ONe at 39 weeks or near. Benjamin. Which country is Maya from? I know a Navy chaplain( Brunswick,Maine who is trying to adopt a boy from Ethiopia. Gregg & Brenda Eng in Vista are trying to adopt a 3 yr. old boy. Have you watched Slumdog Millionaire movie? If you do then you will want to adopt child from India. I married a sweet woman from India and we have 2 children Anna, 7, Christopher 8 months. is the non-profit school my wife has started in New Delhi. Blessings, G. Luke LUCAS
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Feb 15, 2011