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Wow, those dishes look so amazing!!!!! Makes me want to fly up to NYC just to eat there :-)
Thanks Nell, I really appreciate this post and your suggestion about liquid meals as an option. I can see this idea coming in handy for me when I'm trapped in meetings as well! I work in an office and have the same issues, but through some planning and determination, I have managed to put my health first - it is not the "easy" thing to do, but if it's important then you will find a way. I understand though that it would be pretty hard if you can't leave the meeting room, and all they bring you are sandwiches and cookies... that would not be fun, and that liquid shake or smoothie sounds like a great idea! But you can definitely avoid eating stuff from the break room and elsewhere because you have options. We are all lucky to have the choice to consume what we want to consume, not what we have to. We have an abundance of food choices here and with some planning and persistance I know we can all overcome the office food battles :-)
Honestly I have not been tempted to eat sweets in a few months, but your Paleo Truffle recipe looks just way too good not to make them!!! I can't wait to try them, and I'm even more excited about sharing them with friends... and showing them how eating something delicious doesn't have to make you feel sick :-) Thanks Nell!
Great idea Nell! This was a real crowd pleaser, I brought the beef/veggie fajitas to the party and large pieces of lettuce so people could make Fajita Wraps, Paleo style!!! This went well with the rest of the dishes but the beef fajita wraps and the guacamole were the only Paleo friendly items I saw. Thank you for saving me this year from starving!!!
I love this apple idea and any kind of fruit based dessert, if dessert is going to be had. I have to agree with you, Nell, that since changing my diet over to Paleo, my cravings for baked goods and sweets have just literally vanished. And I used to bake all the time! In fact, I even had a small bakery (in or former life) where I spent my days and nights making baked goods that tasted nice, but would rob you of energy... I can't beleive how I used to cook! Now I want to prepare foods that will give energy instead of take from it. Eating Paleo has changed my diet and energy in so many positive ways that the thought of cakes and rolls practically makes me cringe. Yes, my family doesn't believe it either but they see the dramatic difference.
This is excellent, thank you Nell! Sounds like a total crowd pleaser, I am sure it will get 'gobbled' up so I better make lots. yumm!
Question: Hi Nell, we just got invited to a friend's house for Thanksgiving, and she wants us to bring a Mexican-style dish. Any suggestions on what to bring that is Mexican and Paleo? She is making a TON of cheesy, non-Paleo foods so whatever I bring has to have lots of goodness in it since it's probably going to be all I end up eating :-D Thanks Nell!
Thanks Nell, great advice! Sadly the corn was the lesser of all evils.. and I hadn't eaten corn in any form since July, so you can probably imagine how my tummy was last night: not so cheery. Next time I am totally going to avoid this by just grabbing some turkey and getting my own salad from the store downstairs :-)
Thanks Nell! I wish I could have taken a picture of what our office served for our team's Thanksgiving lunch today... there were 8 different kinds of casserole (all with tons of dairy, really, more cheese again???) fried turkeys and baked turkey, honey baked ham, rolls, cakes, mayonnaise covered salads, pasta salads with even more mayo, and candies... it was a true Paleo nightmare. I was lucky that I found a small bowl of fresh corn and pepper salad that seemed to just be dressed with lime juice. That corn and some baked turkey breast was my thanksgiving meal, and I can't imagine how I'd feel if I had all the rest of the garbage, especially at work in the middle of the day!
Yes, these "health" articles are disturbing and kind of depressing sometimes. Paleo followers really have to be vigilant and not believe what most of the health articles proclaim. What really urks me is hearing people say, "oh, I workout so I can eat all the junk food and comfort food I want!" or "I'm healthy, all the food I buy is low fat and says it's healthy on the label!" WHAT???? that makes NO sense to me at all... why would you train your body then put junk and/or fake foods in it? yes, I know I was guilty of eating a very poor diet before but now that I have seen the Primal light, I can't imagine going back. It really blows my mind to hear people run for pizza and ice cream and donuts after a really great 2 hour training run... or grab instant "low fat" oatmeal and granola bars for breakfast, thinking they are being good. oh well.
Hi Nell, thanks for this information - that is totally crazy! Is there a link for that article? I would be curious to read it. This is the problem for us that are trying to nourish ourselves the natural and healthy way: we hear all the "pros" and athletes talking about what they do and many people will follow them or believe them just because they are pro or athletes. It can be really confusing and it requires extra caution when reading these articles. I mean, a year ago before I knew about Paleo I would have probably read that article and still questioned it, simply because I have never quite understood why it is ever "okay" to eat junk food without consequences. But now after finding your site and living a Paleo lifestyle and feeling better than ever, I know there is so much misinformation out there. Really requires some attention and caution, that's for sure!
Great post, this makes a lot of sense! Yes, food that hasn't had the life zapped out with chemicals and/or preservatives would be ideal! Eating foods that have energy and vitality will in turn give us energy and life... that is so true :-) Even salads can contain life zappers - example: I went to the deli in a new office building yesterday, and they offered a fresh grilled chicken salad on the menu, but when I saw it, the chicken was breaded and I could totally tell it was pumped with chemicals and junk! Plus I'm sure that chicken could have lived a much longer "shelf life" than a normal chicken :-)
Thanks Nell, I love kale as well. If I'm in a real pinch for time, I dash by the local Whole Foods and go to their prepared foods section and order up some sauteed kale, along with a side of roasted beets and some hard boiled eggs from their salad bar. It's not bad when time is limited, and to have kale on the go feels like a luxury!!!! :-)
Thanks Nell! I love beets, so happy to know that they will help my training and are Paleo friendly. I was cutting back on them due to not being totally sure if they were okay, but they are certainly a favorite food of mine, especially with dark greens and steak :-)
Oh Wow Congratulations Nell!!!So inspiring and motivating. You are truly the Paleo Queen! You are proof of so many wonderful things beyond just eating Paleo - you are proof that anyone can accomplish their goals if they put in the work, in all areas of life. You walk the walk and talk the talk, a true life heroine, and you also prove that you can live, eat and breath a Paleo lifestyle AND be not only healthy, but an Ironman champion and totally kick major ass :-) Whoohoo, bravo Nell!
Of course processed foods are addictive!!! They are filled with chemicals that are not natural and are not meant to be consumed. I had a 20 year sugar addiction and many doctors and nutritionists advised me to just gradually ween myself off of sugar, and it was okay to have just a little... NO WAY! the only way I was able to get off sugar and feel good was by going cold turkey and eating a Paleo diet. I have not had a sugar craving since I began eating Paleo and will never go back or listen to anyone that says you can have it in moderation. So can you have heroin or cocaine in moderation too then? That's what it's like for me, and I don't want that poison in my body anymore. thanks Nell, have an awesome race in Kona!!!! Whoohoo!
I can see how that would be frustrating and can totally sympathize. Mediterranean restaurants have been my go-to if I get to choose, but this is not always the case. For example, just last Sunday my family and I went to a "nice" Italian restaurant and I ordered the House Special Salad with Grilled Chicken - it was described as having a succulant grilled chicken breast atop their greek style house salad. I ordered it with no feta and no dressing, and olive oil on the side. when it arrived I was horrified! The salad was all iceburg lettuce, old mealy tomatoes, old olives, and the "chicken breast" was actually a frozen, breaded chicken breast that was barely cooked!!! This was so sad and horrible to me. Many restaurants claim to serve fresh food when in fact they just buy pre-cooked and packaged garbage and re-sell it. You really have to know where you are eating. Thankfully I know some great places where the owners put quality first, and it's worth every penny. Really makes you appreciate the real chefs and restaurant owners out there who care about their product and your experience.
Hi Nell, I am so glad you posted about fermented foods! I actually started my health makeover this year with the Body Ecology Diet, which is highly based on cultured and fermented foods. I actually found the Paleo diet after being on the BED for a few weeks and finding myself not feeling 100%. The cultured vegetables, which I made myself, did help me with my skin but that was about it. The author suggests that you eat lots of these cultured veggies to deal with sugar cravings, but I wanted to have a diet that eliminated my sugar cravings instead of just cover them up. Overall my health did not start to drastically improve until I started eating Paleo. Now that I've been Paleo for almost 2 months, I feel better than ever in my life, and have no cravings to deal with. I still have some cultured/fermented veggies in my fridge and will eat them occasionally with other foods, like in my tuna salad or used in a dressing. Thankfully I don't have to rely on them, and I found if you just eat whole, natural Paleo foods you don't have to do much but feel good and just live!
Yes, bravo Nell!!! I could not agree with you more. I went in for my physical exam in August and the Internal Specialist was well over 100lbs over weight... and then told me I needed to watch my diet since high cholesterol runs in my family. Well, luckily I checked out fine in everything but my blood sugar, which was too low (and now that I'm eating Paleo, all my tests are awesome!) but it bothered me that she was giving any sort of medical advice since she really looked like she was going to keel over. The doctor herself was huffing and puffing and looked slightly drowsy, and it really made me feel like I was not in healthy hands. Even my old vet for my dogs and cats passed away last year from emphisema - he was our vet for years, but he was always smoking, and had alcohol heavy on his breath and had a cigarette burning somewhere nearby... sheesh! I know he was not a "people" doctor, but animals need healthy caretakers as well. I think anyone who is allowed to give medicine to anyone, people or animals, should walk the walk... not just talk the talk. Thanks for the great post, I clearly needed to vent on this subject as well :-)
Thanks for the Paleo travel tips, Nell! This came just in time and reminded me to have something ready. I just went on my first Paleo trip out of town during the Labor Day weekend, and I definitely found that eating in the airport to be very challenging on my way there. I packed myself just a couple of apples and nuts, and was starving while I was waiting during my layover. My lunch from a place called "healthy grill" was anything but healthy... I ordered a Grilled Chicken Salad, no dressing, and the chicken was not even real chicken breast - it was shaved pieces of chicken "loaf" from a gray frozen brick!!! It was so disgusting that I could not eat it. Thankfully on my way home, this time I stopped in a small market and bought more fruits, carrots and nuts. I wasn't as prepared as I could have been, but it was certainly better than I thought it would be. Baby steps! Thanks Nell :-)
Wow, that is pretty disturbing to me. I am new to Paleo and my perception is that the whole essence of the Paleo lifestyle is to eat natural, whole foods and avoid stuff that has been pre-packaged. But if something had the name "Paleo" something and had those ingredients listed, that is pretty bad. I'm going to be taking my first trip out of town on my new Paleo eating plan, so I've been wondering how to attack it. I will definitely be avoiding Paleo Bars! Will probably buy some raw nuts, hardboiled eggs, and find a place to get a salad.. I just want to stick with natural foods as much as possible. Nell you are an amazing Paleo inspiration, thank you!
Hi Nell! This is really interesting - I recently started trying smoothies, and tried a green smoothie with tons of spinach. I noticed I didn't feel right afterwards, and when I tried the same smoothie minus the spinach and with banana, I felt great. I like eating spinach, but for some reason having it in that mass quantity in the smoothie didn't sit well with me at all. I love your smoothie recipes and have been enjoying playing around with new "non-green" or spinach-free smoothie recipes for my morning energy boost. Thanks for the post! Cheers
I love tumeric with my scrambled eggs!!! So yummy: eggs, coconut milk, tumeric and a pinch of cayenne. I add sauteed spinach and green hatch chilis. Yummy!
Hi Nell! Just had to say a big giant Paleo Princess THANK YOU for the excellent training/nutrition tips you gave. I tried the gels and followed your fitness and food tips, and was able to do my half marathon this last Saturday feeling ten times better than before, and much less soreness!!! I'm soooo happy, your tips really work for me, and I really love what the gels did for my running and my energy. Even though they were not "Paleo" they really helped and made me feel awesome. I will definitely be using your tips to get me through my marathon training, and for the rest of my Paleo Long Life :-) Can't thank you enough, but I'm going to anyway - thank you!!!! danielle
Hi Nell, Thank you soooo much! That is great advice, I will try those gels for the run tomorrow. I'm a bit heavier at 5'3" and 119, but I feel healthy and good that my newfound Paleo lifestyle and marathon training will help get me leaner, and feeling better and performing better. I really appreciate your site - it is my favorite Paleo site because it is not just about dieting, it is about fitness and health - you have a real winner!!! Cheers and thanks, Danielle