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I agree that if you count costs such as labour/your time, tools etc, that GYO is not immediately cheap. I also get annoyed when I hear people say, oh you only need 30 minutes a week to grow your own veggies. However, there are a lot of hidden costs in buying your fruit and veg from the supermarket which most people forgot. These include: *high carbon footprint of each item, ie. they have been flown in and/or grown in heated greenhouses *workers rights: the picker probably is badly paid and/or has bad working conditions *the farmer is under pressure to sell low to the supermarkets or have them change their mind and pull out of a contract (Tesco reportedly does this a lot) *health issues: is the fruit/veg you are buying really that healthy? What chemicals have been used and how do they effect our long-term health and environment (pollution)? Based on all this, if you paid for say a courgette, based on including the cost of all those negative things above, you may find it's not quite as expensive to GYO as you think. If you are buying Fruit and Veg from a local farmers market, then some of these problems are reduced. So whilst GYO isn't necessarily cheap on the surface, there are lots hidden costs in growing that GYO removes. And it adds benefits, ie. health (working in the garden, no chemicals (if you are organic), picking food at peak of their quality), environment (lower carbon footprint), community (particularly if you are on an allotment) and let's not forget the taste factor. That alone makes quite a bit of the cost worth it for me. is now following The Typepad Team
Jul 4, 2010