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Espy - "One! This is the size of just one of my nuts"
Sounders STH here, and will be voting. I take this vote seriously. I'll probably vote to retain Adrian but not before thinking about it twice. Good moves: Montero, Rosales, Alonso, big EJ gamble Busts: Nkufo, Ljundberg, Flaco as DP Good performance thus far for an expansion side 4 years in. But the expectation is that it's time to win something other than the USOC with this nucleus this year or next.
Yeah, Higuain went all Cantona on the half field camera
Well, it's currently the 88th minute. If they hold they'll be one point back of SJ on the same number of games. (Before SJ's game at the SEA tonight.)
Chicago really challenging for the shield if they can hold on. They look that quality right now.
No CCL running commentary tonight? Sounders 3 - Marathon and the Referee 2 It really is astonishing just how biased and bad officiating in the CCL continues to be. It makes MLS refereeing look excellent. (And as I mention that, I have to give MLS credit recently for improving the quality of officiating. A few outliers removed, and it's been pretty good in the last few months.)
Possibly more good karma for San Jose? Toronto and Chivas pretty set at GK with Kocic and Kennedy. Let's face it Hanneman would be an upgrade over the dimunitive Jon Busch, who though a super nice guy, is probably one of the weaker starting GK's in MLS.
El pescadito. He kinda looks like a fish too.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2012 on Must-See Goal: Carlos Ruiz at Soccer By Ives
Excellent writing Ives, thank you. I love Williams commitment to the USA. Contrast it with Timmy - who should never be invited anywhere near the USMNT again. Make an example of him. You want to play for the USMNT, commit to your US citizenship 100% with no wavering. It means something more than playing soccer.
Hell yes St. Pauli. Rowdy, leftist punks from Hamburg's red light district. I'm gonna need a jersey.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2012 on Gyau on trial with St. Pauli at Soccer By Ives
Has Robin Frasier given up? Or lost trust of his team? He was supposed to be a defensive specialist.
I'm gonna need a Roma jersey soooo bad. Pretty dope designs to rock too.
OK - Jozy is entering beast mode. Don't want to detract. But from the highlight it was not stellar defending by the other team, and looked kind of like a preseason pace to the game. Basically 2 on 2 for both goals, with midfielders jogging back after the play.
The real FCD returns. Castillo + healthy Ferreira + rounding into form Shea = a pretty damn good team. Might be too late though.
Espinoza vs. Alonso beast vs. beast
SJ strikers Wondo and Lenhart star in the NC17 spoof sequel to Goonies titled "Goonies II: What really happened with Chunk in that cave."
Flaco is a very good winger in MLS. He's just not at the DP level. Good pickup for Chicago. I hope Flaco succeeds there. Is Tieffert DP worthy? We'll see.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2012 on Sounders deal DP Fernandez to Fire at Soccer By Ives
A. Keep this format B. Garber is top class C. Amazing ball Becks to DeRo D. Wondo's run E. Terry made Collen his biotch F. Thank u referee on Beita G. Pontius > Shea for nats
Counterpoint: Is it really a good problem? This team will basically be reorganizing from square one at 2/3 into the season. I think Soler's job is more than just bringing in a random assortment of talented players. It's about chemistry, roles and balance too. I'd go as far as to say RB would have had a better chance at trophies this year without the LeToux & Cahill moves As much as I love those players. Stability and team concept matters. Also - is Cahill really a 2 way midfielder? I see him as more of a forward player in the box. But maybe haven't seen him enough.
If going for a win I'd go for Alonso & Beckerman as dual DMs behind DeRo. Pontius on the left flank. And start EJ up top because Henry would refuse to play as a target forward. But this game isn't about winning.
Sets up a crackin' final at Livestrong with Seattle. Good for KC outbidding the SEA to host. KC will have to take down the champ to lift the cup. Should be fun.
The verb is to Mullan but good point. Very physical playoff style game. It was wide open because Seattle's 4-4-2 quickly transitioned to attack KC's 3-3-3. And KC attacked the whole game as they do. Both teams essentially outnumbering the other on offense and committing to their respective games. Entertaining battle.
The HB has an instinctual and unique style of aggressive ball winning that was never coached out of him by a structured Youth system. Can it translate beyond MLS? I think so. His ability on the ball has exponentially improved in 3 years in MLS. I'd bet on him succeeding in a big euro league and with the nats if he gets the chance. Klinsman would love this guy.