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Great entry, Chuck, and some real wisdom here. I do see both sides of the open standards issue, though. In my career I have seen some very egregious hindering of progress by the owners of proprietary technologies. And one could easily argue that the explosive growth of the x86 industry and all of the companies that profited from it was due to the 'accidental' open standard of the ISA bus. Had the patent protection not been overlooked we would never would have had cloning. The information age would have had a slower start and I doubt we would be where we are today.
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Great observations, Chuck. Change does happen slowly in the enterprise space. It is clear to me that most of the movement to the cloud is coming from shadow IT in situations where enterprise IT doesn't move fast enough or is unable to provide a reliable user experience. This should fall under your category of 'we have to continually improve at what we do', but oftentimes IT is happy to let these groups take the problems off their plate and give them to Salesforce, AWS, etc. I don't think IT will move to the cloud, it's more that IT will erode to the cloud.
I constantly wonder about this. When I was in high school I wrote an essay on the coming cashless society that was just a few years away. That was in 1972. Digital signatures came out over 2 decades ago and according to my attorney friends they still would not like to litigate based on anything but an illegible scrawl that can easily be pasted onto any document. Change is difficult, expensive, and painful, especially for industries that are heavily invested into the status quo processes. In the meantime, I use a money clip that has DL, health insurance, 3 CCs, an ATM card, gym card, and cash. Every card with a barcode is in the Key Ring app.
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Jun 6, 2014