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Awww omg thank you so much T^T <33 I am glad that you enjoy my pictures and that they brightened your day a little <33 It was delightful to read, and also made me giggle like a flustered schoolgirl x3 With the angled pics made me chuckle xD because so true often (you totally got my hint with that one picture, it was an camera angle accident... it got stuck but I thought wah well just dooo it like dem big bloggers haha) also I knooow from myself that I TAKE my blog pics like that inworld, I do not turn them around later, because you get more details of the outfit AND backdrop on to the pic like that ^^ and when I turn them upside later they look weird to me so I just leave it like that xD Not many of my pics have the right angle to qualify as a nice group cover because of my angle weirdness sadly? x3 And sad but true, as a blogger people you blog for require you to have a certain view count and I don't know why but Flickr is not catering upside pics to as many people as they do with horizontal pictures, I tested that quite often and you get about half less views with upside pictures <.< Thats why my personal not blogged-for-someone artsy-pants pictures are usually upside because I don't caaare xD <33 Please stay happy and healthy and drink enough water during the hot days
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Jul 29, 2020