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Sam Gwynn
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A poem in tribute: Ashbery Met in Heaven by John Cage --R.S. Gwynn
I listen to Al all the time. Past Perfect, a British company, has wonderfully remastered cds of Bowlly and many others of the tea dance era. Great fox trot music.
For many years I believed the story that Bacall's voice was dubbed by the young Andy Williams, who recorded the song. Apparently, Hawks decided that her voice was good enough for the song.
I wish I had a dvd of that Tomlin, Everett, Auden show. Or at least a transcript. After Tomlin left, Chad read a really terrible poem about his wife, then tried to engage Auden in conversation about poetry. I'd love to see if my memories from 43 years ago are correct.
Never mind. Just be sure to log in first.
I can't get the email to work via Paypal. Any ideas? So sorry to hear this.
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Feb 4, 2010