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Couldn't agree more..when Jake asked Eywa to look into Grace's memory..he told Eywa to look at the world he comes from, and that his world had killed its mother (Earth)...its a sad truth and I hope we dont get so disillusioned by Pandora that we neglect the world that is ever present with us..the one that is slowly dying at our hands....I have admit, I wasn't even big on recycling prior to this movie..I need to change a few things going into 2010 :-)
It's natural to be fascinated by Pandora. But I think part of the movie was to wake us up to take better care of our own world. Our Earth was beautifully made. But like the humans in the movie, we have destroyed most of it in pursuit of wealth, driven by greed. So Mattias, I totally understand where you're coming from :-) but dont grow distant to your own world because of the movie..think of it as a wake up call...
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Dec 31, 2009
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Dec 31, 2009