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I talked with Sam R about some of the bullying that happens on YouTube - people just saying the worst things they can think about because they are selfish, mean, and want attention. In the case with Sam, it was a series of videos where homeless people were talking about their situations called Invisible People ( I used to volunteer for Special Olympics when I was in high school. I didn't really get it until I saw them compete in a race and could tell that they had the same feeling that I had when I ran races. They're athletes. Everyone deserves a chance to participate and compete.
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Yeah....I've been thinking about this kind of thing a lot in the last two months. We haven't had an operations meeting since January and I don't think we've missed anything. We haven't had a Rogue Team meeting for quite some time, but we're getting things done. It seems as though the normal one-hour meetings have been replaced by more spontaneous mini-meetings around particular issues. It's actually more interrupt-based than the scheduled meetings, but so much shorter and productive that I like it. Plus I'm an extrovert, so I really prefer to talk with people instead of creating e-mail threads from hell that last days or weeks. Those may not be interruptions, but it creates a lot of issues that hang in the ether and remain unresolved. The manager-of-one philosophy is great, but that means that we have to encourage all of our staff to step up and lead from where they are and understand how what they are doing fits into the strategic direction of the unit (which I totally endorse). But I agree that there are no true emergencies. That helps to put things into perspective.'s 10:30 p.m. and I'm using this time to catch up on e-mail. Oh well, I'm not complaining.
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via Interesting video, made over 18 months ago talking about University of Southern California's adoption of Google Apps. At the 1:20 mark she says that her motivation wasn't cost savings or outsourcing e-mail, those were just by-products. Cole said something along those lines during his CIC Clouds on the Horizon presentation about Google Apps on Tuesday. Continue reading
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Nov 19, 2009
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Nov 19, 2009