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@Chris: In retrospect my post made a rather grave assumption in regards to the profitability of artistic games. I apologize for that; I do believe that artistic video games can generate a profit but they would be rather minuscule as opposed to the 'blockbuster hits' of say Halo and its' counterparts. I sincerely hope to be proven incorrect in this regard; until then however I play NWN and NWN 2 player developed modules and campaigns (which have a far more varied array of stories). @translucy: I do admit I have a bit of fondness for the corporate business strategy (they have really nice suits). I also believe that the innovation strategy just ends up turning into a corporate business strategy because executives become more and more cautious with the spiraling sunk costs. Thank you both for your time.
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I would have to agree Jose Zagel on this. The current company model is designed to specifically to maximize profit; all activities undertaken are to ensure this. As such companies will feel more comfortable in producing cliched video games that are guaranteed to generate profit as opposed to artistically styled games. Perhaps the gaming industry could create a committee to subsidize smaller companies and their ideas but that idea seems a fair bit off. Ultimately though as consumers it is up to us to dictate what we want and how we want it.
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An interesting article to say the least; how would you view the business model of gaming companies that use Kickstarter? For example: "The Banner Saga" received well over what the developers needed in terms of funds to keep them afloat, in fact they even managed to pick up some quality talent. It seems that independent developers can carve themselves a very nice niche where they release stories at a fair reasonable profit to a smaller audience. Jane Jensen looks to be doing that with her CSG idea.
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