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Sara Haaf
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I'd spend it at old navy.
Cookies baking in the oven always make me remember past holidays. (littlesillysally at
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Oh, not seeing my comment, I have always loved the tripp trapp and thought that was the coolest idea ever!
I LOVE the merry snow globe and all the ornament cards!
Because singer is what my family has always used and owned!
Of what we have and own, the vsmile, the innotab would definitely be if we win it.
The clifford kitchen kit looks like a blast, I had a volcano like that growing up.
Rubbermaid shelf helpers.
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Premiere Containers are stain and odor resistant!
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Remove everything that doesnt belong
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Using the 4 pile principal. You guys forgot to mention another benefit asides from decluttering, when you donate you get a tax write off!
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Jan 11, 2011