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Darin Hagre
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Debt is definitely dumb... it's really just another form of modern-day slavery: a control mechanism that keeps people from what they really want to be doing with their lives. Glad to see that you're spending much less time online. It's important to pull the plug every once in a while and just get out there!
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Whoa. That's beautiful. Love is a very, very good thing.
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Okay, so I might not have a complete list of answers for you, but I'll give it a shot: I try to read my own blog everyday, in addition to The Art of Manliness, Follow Me Foodie, and a few others (including this one, of course!) The Lord of the Rings for sure... and then probably all of the Rocky movies, Braveheart, and Good Will Hunting. If I could make enough money to support myself (which isn't much), I'd travel every single day of my life... as long as my health would let me. I learned that I'm actually a lot more independent that I thought I was. Just another part of growing up! There's too many songs that pop up into my head... but if you'd like to donate a $10 iTunes card to me, I'd be more than willing to share! :-P I love food, so it's hard to choose just one place in Denver/Boulder. But if I had to, I'd say that Illegal Pete's in Downtown Denver is hard to beat. Damn good food, any time of the day! The best wardrobe change? That's gotta be shedding uncomfortable shoes for a nice comfy pair of rubber slippahs! Hawaiian style! My perfect day is one that starts off with a hot cup of coffee, time with friends, adventure, new things, great food, and maybe even some great sex to top it all off!
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Glad to hear that you've got it all straightened out, I definitely know how stressful that can be. Living without the slavery of debt is a challenge, but once you get there, lots of different doors and opportunities open up for you! Kind of crazy to think that everyone is just trying to "get back to zero!"
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Nice! Way to make a change... Great way to start off the new year! Happy 2010 from Hawaii!
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Jan 6, 2010