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Many of the A.A. Milne verses hold up well for me, and so does Once Upon a Time (Prince Rabbit). Lizard Music is new to me, but the library has it for Kindle so I'll give it a go! E. Nesbit, yes! One of my favourite series that I've been reading since childhood is Antonia Forest's Marlowe family. Probably a very English taste. I've only ever seen one of her books published in the US, a horribly dumbed-down version of the standalone Thursday Kidnapping. Alison Uttley...
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2012 on Rereading The Old Favourites at The Slacktiverse
Speaking of Joe Hill sung by Paul Robeson but if it's unsuitable that's ok.
Re Jesu; What Hapax said, though I never engaged with her myself. (Sorry if this is a duplicate post. Started a reply, then signed in, got chucked back to page one and couldn't tell if the reply was posted.)
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2010 on Hold on to the good at The Slacktiverse
An interesting case: Indrani Aikath-Gyaltsen plagiarized The Rosemary Tree by Elizabeth Goudge in her novel Cranes' Morning, and committed suicide after it was revealed.
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Oct 11, 2010