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Amazingly true. But they can never ever ever get between an indie artist and the exchange that happens directly between them and fan when said fan buys an amazing piece of merch/ticket.
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Very interesting point of view that I've never pondered before.
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The major labels don't know how to look up this topic on a computer.
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The problem is that musicians feel you must buy a shitty piece of plastic or a full mp3 album just to find out you can't stand their music. Art will never be a cut and dry transaction business. It just costs too damn much. If you're not willing to cook my food at a restaurant, and instead want to take up 3 to 45 minutes of my time to listen to you whine about your life, then I better get a preview to see if it's worth my time. Or I suppose I should just take your word that you will change my life for a small fee of 13 dollars. Ultimately, slaves are forced into what they do. Musicians are free to try something cooking. The ones who stick with it are the ones who get paid, eventually. It's a hard life, but it's called paying dues.
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THANK YOU. After reading all these comments before yours, I felt like I was taking crazy pills. If there is a numbers game that you can't win at, then create your own game. Goddamn. Take some responsibility people. How about you try the game of quality music, because that's not the game the majors are interested in. You are capable of operating on a separate field entirely.
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Sep 23, 2011