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Dolan Halbrook
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Seems like a home run spec-wise, but for those not already invested in m43 it's going to be a tough sell against the NEX-6 unless the street price drops quickly. Had this come out around the same time as the OM-D I probably would have bought this body. The central VF from the OM-D digs into my back more than I care for, and the tiny, mushy buttons are not enjoyable (prefer the controls on my LX-5). However, one thing that hasn't been mentioned (and many pooh pooh) is weather sealing, and that is what would keep me from using a GX7 as my main body. For those of us in rainy climes who have active lifestyles (skiing, cycling, hiking, etc) it's been invaluable. If this body were weather sealed it would be game over.
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Aug 1, 2013