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Ooh! This would be a good complement for my collection of 1970's quilt books.
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I love how it spells Spoonflower on the micro and macro levels! Geeky in all sorts of good ways. And it's an attractive quilt too.
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Coffee makes me depressed, and alcohol does bad things to my guts. So I use chocolate and "tension tamer" tea. B-vitamins in the morning also give me that "I can do ANYTHING" feeling. Drugs are good!
That is such a sweet ending! I don't recall saying anything out loud about gifts, but one year I simply *would not* wear the brown shoes my mother had picked out at the shoe store -- I had to get Docksiders. Which were at least twice as expensive. I know now it was hard for her to afford them. Sorry, Mom!
Yep. Ours lives at Grandma's.
1st cake: store-bought but I didn't let her eat any. She had watermelon and loved it. 2nd cake: hand-made lemon/vanilla cupcakes w/mini M&Ms on top (polka dot theme party) Off-topic, when I first came to your site today, my 2-1/2 year old said "Read me M word?" ("Mama" in word balloon in header). I'm so proud!
Lately it's been molted cicada husks, dead cicadas, and one alive (but sluggish) cicada. Also crabapples, sticks, and of course, boogers. We've been very lucky on the projectile vomiting front (I got her to the bathtub quickly). That was probably the day after the poop-eating incident, now that I think of it.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2011 on gifts from my children at Crappy Pictures
K is 2 1/3 and in the "signature pose" stage: mouth saying "cheese" and eyes squinted shut like sideways parentheses.
I call any little brown bird a sparrow. We've used the phrase "kind of" with much success! Duck -- kind of bird. Sparrow -- kind of bird. Robin -- kind of bird. Ditto for food items (since previously, dear toddler would only say "want food" and we'd like to clarify whether she wants cheese, watermelon, or bread... since giving the wrong food = tantrum)
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Aug 24, 2011