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I appreciate this kind of advice, if only to reinforce what should be largely common sense. However I did have one quibble which is tha your proposed strategy for organizing an essay doesn't work for everyone. FOr myself, I find I need to plough ahead, write some stuff and then reorganized and edit from there. I know they say that planning is greta, but I found it often inhibited me from starting at all. I have no idea how many others face this problem, but just though I'd mention that in my case and I would imagine some others, the "planning approach" didn't work. I would've saved myself a lot of angst had I realized that years earlier before finally discovering a technique that worked for me.
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This reminds me of a good discussion of posititonal goods in the book The Rebel Sell by Andrew Potter and Joseph Heath, that was the first time I came across teh term position goods. I'm enjoying your posts Frances! Keep them coming.
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Dec 29, 2010