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I've preferred male-male pairings since I was a teenager. Part of it was the emotional aspect-- because it was forbidden, the guys would have to really want each other in some undeniable way. I also saw it as being more free of the sexual politics that tended to dominate M/F relationships in my time (I'm 47). But mainly, I find men hot and women... not. Women are a turnoff, men are a turnon. And there's also the sense that most M/F porn is made for men, i.e., it's about how the women are "servicing" the men or sluts who need endless fucking rather than ever being about the woman's pleasure. Some people call that issue the "male gaze," in how it affects books/movies/porn. For me, it ruins most M/F media-based (as opposed to Real Life) sex altogether.
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I still don't really see any of these things as a "choice," per se. I think it makes sense to target your energies toward what works best for you. If you tend to be more attracted to women on a "partnering" basis, why spend a lot of time in a dating pool that is more likely to thwart what you're looking for? Who has that kind of time to waste? You're not choosing to be "gay", you just chose socializing patterns that would more likely lead to your personal happiness. I think people oversimplify gay/straight/bi sexuality. Human "attractions" are very complex, and for most of us they are combinations of emotional AND sexual attraction, not just one or the other. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!
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Aug 4, 2011