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I have been streaming Netflix (android app) for quite a while on my HP Touchpad using CM7.
Lets agree to disagree, but I think Netflix should have done an episode a week, just like HBO and Showtime do. It would've guaranteed viewers stayed subscribers through the duration of the run, and it would have had more speculation in forums and articles as to what happens next in the story. But of course the whole thing out is better for the customers. BTW, this show is currently being shown in Norway through NRK in a weekly basis, they are a few episodes in but apparently they had excellent ratings (I believe NRK had an issue with product placements not being allowed in Norway, which caused the show to be cancelled for 3 weeks before bringing it back). Can't wait to watch this!
so that means it isn't even in production yet, with all the talk about the show I assumed it was further along
No e-mail here, I wonder why. I also was on my roku and kept clicking on netflix and getting bounced out, at least 4-5 times. I wonder what determines it. Maybe its cause I am using a Netflix gift card?
Thats kind of strange. We are in the middle of a Prison Break marathon, we watched 3 episodes last night from not much after 9pm PST and did not notice anything.
I have to agree, they are announcing an even lower cap than Comcast, I wonder how much lower the next person to announce will go. We have been able to stay under Comcast's 250GB cap, but definitely average over 200GB, which is not hard using HULU+ as a DVR, small children occasionally watching cartoons in the daytime, and multiple TVs. This is a scary trend indeed, unfortunately Comcast is our only option.
I love the Starz content, loved Spartacus and Pillars, I find myself often going to starz website to see whats coming. However, I am afraid of how much this is going to cost Netflix. Me and lots of people are using Netflix as a way of saving money, so I hope Netflix is able to keep costs down for us.
We are not the only people we know to cut the cord thanks to Netflix. Comcast better wise up soon and stop overcharging.
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Mar 2, 2011