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...rights" -- as what? Muslims? That is certainly a word that has been bandied about in Europe ~ 'Muslim Rights!' Not equal rights ~ but extra rights for Muslims only !!
Tariq Ramadam, the silver tongued jihadist in action. His dream is for the Islamic States of Europe! He is a good debater ~ what he does is debase the other guy ~ and then what he adds is not necessarily of value on top of it. But Murray was ready for him ~ on this day. Of course, what Murray and Flemming Rose contend is never addressed. But they managed to persuade the audience. So they won the debate. Hustle Islamic crowd ~ though. The Dutch woman was a bit wimpy ~ I think she helped stir the debate ~ by acknowledging that women's rights in the Islamic world is a bit lacking!! She helped throw it to the other side. This debate was some indication that Europe is not ready to roll over yet!!
Absolutely - the idea of multiculturalism is increasingly having to be enforced with an iron fist. In my mind it is like communism - where everyone was supposed to live together in this perfect harmony - both doctor and street sweeper on the same level. But the same methods - used to enforce this - back in the old communist era - are now being used to make totally divergent cultures live in [so called community harmony] equality in today's world. The one thing these multiculturalist authors did not envision - is that one culture - they were trying to fit in would try to take over and dominate the other cultures. And here's the flaw - in keeping with the multicultural ideal - the authorities - have to literally force the people of indigenous [western] culture - to accept anything that the new culture wants - and this now includes accepting that the new culture [that being Islamic] wants to dominate it. Now people are being arrested and criminally charged for having religious arguments. Where the Muslim lady is reported to have said to Christian Evangelicals that Jesus is a 'minor Prophet' and when they reply with something about Muhammad or Islam - it is the Christians who are arrested - not the Muslim lady - who was equally insulting. Thereby blindly backing Islam's push for supremacy. Islamization Watch
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2009 on The British Terrorist State at Atlas Shrugs