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Judge Moore's review of the case blasts any idea that Davis was possibly innocent out of the water, but I want to pursue a different point -- to all the respondents who think the government overreached or acted improperly: how do you continue to give the government more power over every facet of our lives when, in your opinion, it can't get it right even in the most important instance? If it can't get the big things (executions) right even after years and years of legal review, and bungles less critical things like education, the DMV, the Post Office, and spending stimulus money on "shovel-ready projects" how do we hand them any authority over, say, our health care or our retirement savings? Seems like those who are convinced of the inability of the government to get things like a capital case right, would be arguing for smaller government and less intrusion into our lives -- frankly there are lots of things individuals and NGOs can do better than the government, but we keep spending money on failing programs anyway.
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Jan 10, 2010