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get out of the gm spot, jerry. you aren't any good. why do you hate the Cowboys so? just walk away. let someone else do the coaching, drafting and so on.
I don't blame the qb. i blame the gm. this is the man that stuck with wade as a head coach. garrett should have inherited parcell's unit right away. but no matter who coaches.... as long as jones wants to run a football team, it will continue to fail no matter what. jimmy johnson did all the coaching and all the drafting... jones... well... jones is just bad at it all. agreed... had he simply let johnson do things we'd have more rings than the steelers today.
i know jerry jones admired al davis. well, last time davis did anything good for his team was win Super Bowl xviii. i think this general manager/owner longs to have the same fate for the Cowboys. he should be booed time and again... and he should do no promos for breast cancer, if he wishes to help it the same way he has helped the cowboys.
We need a new General Manager! Get this one out. Such a little man hiring badly and destroying what could have been one of the greatest Football Franchises since the nineties.
he isn't going anywhere for a long time and neither is the team if he doesn't catch balls that are actually in his hands! thanks for apologizing for him Tony... he has got to man up. no other way around it.
Coach Ryan seems to have, just about every game, a clear view of what happened to his defense and why the other team deserved credit to out play the Dallas D, all in hind sight of course. I wonder if he can pre-outthink, pre-outcoach, pre-pare!!!!! for the opposing team's offenses. Just a thought.
I beg to differ Mr. Witten. You guys played definitive Cowboy Football. You let them run all over the place, you all didn't catch passes that were in your hands, and you are going to lose as many games as you win. That in the last few years, has been, sadly enough, the definition of Cowboy Football. So disappointing.
So... this is the defense that would do the talking instead of the defensive coordinator? Well, Mr. Ryan, they don't talk so good. They had all last season as training camp, plus this year's real training camp. Better personnel, yet, a defense that the lowly Seahawks can out-coach? Where are the guts of these Cowboys, and where are the special teams?
let me see if i get this right... he wants to do whatever it takes to win games? the man that left wade phillips three seasons too long... to undo a magnificent team that should have two superbowls added by now? odd.
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2010 on Jones says Romo could return at Cowboys Corner
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Dec 10, 2010