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Beautifully designed wedding stationery; on the run from the ordinary
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oh golly-it certainly puts the average british 30th celebration to shame. i dont remember much about my own so that says a lot really! a stunning back drop for a really stunning birthday girl. tres chic ;) xx
Ahhh Franky-this post brought a bit of a tear to my eye. Not because i felt saddened that honeymoons arent necessarily about staring longingly into each others eyes, but because this beautifully written piece really struck a chord with me. We had a week in Santorini after we got married last year. It was blissfull, sun drenched and downright luxurious, but when all was said and done we were wrung out! Exhausted from all the wonderful adrenaline from the wedding weekend and totally underestimating how much effort we had put into planning those few days. I have to say i was cross with myself. Cross that i couldnt live up to the pressure of being the perfect doting wife whilst on holiday and a little bit miffed that i felt i had to live up to that pressure. don't get me wrong, our honeymoon was so very special and a holiday we will never forget but best of all i know we will have lots more to come in the future and without such huge expectations xxxxxxx
one hundred and ten percent pure and utter gorgeousness! xxxx
good golly miss molly! this has to be the most beautiful wedding dress i ever seen. so so elegant xxxxxxxxxxx
I am a little late at commenting as i have just finished reading this post over two days! Such a thought provoking read and really brought to light how much pressure we can all put on ourselves to have a wedding that is somehow 'out of the ordinary'. Having married last year, i still continue to read wedding blogs and am always in awe of the creative talent that runs through many of the weddings featured. My main issue (and this is part of my highly self critical self!) is that i now spend hours wishing 'oh why didnt i think of that venue idea, ingenious table decoration, beautiful dress etc etc. This is not the fault of blogs however; without them we would never have our daily dose of utter loveliness. I would not change our wedding day for the world but wondered how many other 'post brides' ever got the niggling feeling that they missed something? xxxxx
Thank you Annabel for such an interesting read. My husband is in the process of branding our business and although he is an illustrator and designer this has been a long process (and will continue to be!) We both have very distinct styles and trying to brand our identity together has resulted in some conflict of ideas! I am often amazed by the lack of thought and time that some businesses take when branding, and it does show; it is such a huge aspect of the package and one that requires constant tweaking. It is so refreshing to see an illustrated blog and the LMD rebrand clearly represents all that you believe in and all that you hope to achieve in the future. Exciting times! xx
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Mar 28, 2012