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@Joe There is Anti-Americanism in Europe, far less in Germany though than it is perceived by many people who comment here. Germans tend to always know it better and that can be annoying, but that doesn't equate to Anti-Americanism. A lot of Germans have issues with the French for example, probably much more so than with Americans. But I don't know anyone that hates Americans. I totally accept your stance. Europe needs to grow up and - if they want to be taken seriously - build their own army and fight their own wars (esp. the ones right in front of their door). And I agree, it will not be a cost free trip. There is a lot of push-back though every time Germany tries to take military responsibility, simply because of its history. Hopefully this will change soon.
@Ray I believe that your blog has its merit and don't doubt that it is successful in terms of more people reading it (since it's pretty edgy). Over time I have been missing the variety of opinions though since a lot of people with dissenting voices have been scared away or given up. But good luck with the future of DMK in any case! @Helian You cherry-picked my first sentence and did not discuss my reasons for supporting gun control - nice German though ;) Being partly American and partly European (currently living in the US) I have never met so much anger from any American as from some people commenting here. I am well-informed about how the American government works - esp. the IRS ;) - and I have to disappoint some that the speculations about my "ilk" are completely going into the wrong direction. But according to the "hate-breeds-hate" theory I'm doomed to hate both parts of my origin now ;) However I think it was worth a shot (no pun intended) to join the discussion(s) for a while. Maintaining my optimistic stance on the transatlantic relations and the future of both continents, I wish you all years of health and prosperity!
This blog has turned into a paranoid and irrational Euro-Hate-Machine where every mad and angry tough guy/girl now can post their daily "let-Europe-burn" rants. Yes, there is some Schadenfreude in the German media, and that's fucked up. Yes, maybe Europe screwed up the Serbia situation, and so on... What does that have to do with gun controls? What does that have to do with the fact that the US has a severe problem with guns? What makes you think that people who try to change this, be them Americans or Europeans, just do this because they hate you? Yes, cars kill people, but killing or inflicting wounds is not the primary goal/usage of a car. Yes, the Swiss possess quite a few weapons but mostly for hunting purposes and since Schengen the gun law became far more restrictive (adapted to the rest of Europe). Education and training can make one a well-trained gunman, but it sure often enough doesn't prevent one's mind from overreacting in a situation that might have started as a simple argument/fight and could have been solved without bullets. Yes, real criminals might get their guns anyways, but no average student Joe without criminal background who is currently pissed at his friends at the campus should be able to just walk into a store and buy an automatic rifle to get even. Fine, keep the right to carry a gun, but at least make it illegal for under-aged people and people without proper education and training to get rid of the countless accidents. Those are possibly very beneficial restrictions that have little to do with prohibition (a total out-law). This blog has almost lost all the people who have a different opinion than its hardcore followers, be them Europeans or Americans. Stop grouping people into American-hating Europeans or leftist/liberal loonies and try to listen without hate and anger. Also, there is so much good political team-work between Germany/Europe and the US going on that there is no need to create an arbitrary rift of hate between the two continents - it ain't the reality. jwtkac, I'm sorry for your sister's friend's loss and appreciate your effort to show an American side that seems much closer to my American relatives and everyday friends and colleagues - but that's probably just because I live in a liberal/leftist state ;)
@Buckeye - The 1st gulf war has wider acceptance because Saddam had invaded another country, while the 2nd gulf war was a preemptive strike based on a mere hunch (some say lie). - Saddam and Islamic terrorism don't seem to have a lot in common, in fact Iraq's secular system was often viewed as a counterbalance to the clerical forces in the middle east. - Who says that one has to provide an alternative and more answers than questions to be a legit critic of any (rash) actions being taken?
@Chrisimo What possible problem(s) do you have in mind? The problem that the (brutal) islamists were kept in check by a (brutal) secular dictator/party? The problem that there was an actual natural counterbalance to the predominantly radical islamic middle east? Ray's number of 49% of the polled Iraqis preferring the current government is probably right - since now they can freely exercise their religion of peace again.
It's as stupid to bash Germany or Schroeder for not participating in the second (current) Iraq war as to bash the US for going into Afghanistan or Kuweit/Iraq in the first gulf war. Brockhoff and Markovits are on the same level here.
@kid Just because a bunch of "left-wing" students like to read it, it doesn't make it intellectual - it still remains a populist tabloid. Without the unfortunate war in Iraq, they would have had no ammunition for that cover story. Since people on both sides don't seem to care about the vast differences between the Iraq and the Iran conflict, the anti-American headline makes sense to the indifferent "left" as well as to the taz (it probably is selling well).
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2007 on taz: The Image of America at Davids Medienkritik
@abc Don't know whether the EU will "rule" the 21st century, but what you're saying about the state of German economy is just wrong. They are doing extremely well right now and if the government hasn't entirely forgotten about Keynes they will hopefully use the tax money to increase consumer spending (like the US has been doing successfully over the past years). The two reasons why the situation is perceived worse are for one that Germans always tend to be pessimistic (whining) about their financial situation and second that the government has been trying to comply with the 3% limit for new debt (which is a bit too rigorous). Fact is that they are booming big time (more so than the US right now), don't get fooled by your negative sentiment for the German government ;)
@blue Thanks for clarifying the link between "driven by an interest in funding" and "money-hungry opportunists". @helian I did not accuse anyone of anything, I said it seems paranoid to link (especially global) scientific consensus to leftist conspiracies. In fact I agree with the majority of your post, demonizing dissenting scientists is bad practice which has never helped science. btw: The often criticized "Stern" and "Bild" are what I consider tabloids - much alike Michelle Malkin's blog ;) - I wouldn't take their featured stories too seriously. Try "Die Welt", "Die Zeit", "FAZ", "Der Spiegel" (sometimes) and you'll find more scientific, balanced and better written articles about "hot" topics and politics.
There is no final proof of man-made global warming and its extent, there just seem to be a lot of pointers - and that's what gets experts and politicians alarmed. But suggesting that scientists across the world that support the theory of man-made global warming are money-hungry opportunists, bought and sold by a leftist conspiracy cooperating with (parts of the) energy/insurance/computer industry (not to mention the German media), is in the same ballpark as the 9/11 conspiracy theories - just a wee bit paranoid. Note from David: Where does the posting claim that "scientists across the world ... are money-hungry opportunists (etc.)..."?
Have to call bs on that one. Self-Flagellation is a German "virtue" and too many Germans are fat and lazy and that is also reported frequently by German media. Just because American kids might probably be even fatter (close call) than German kids and someone is reporting it doesn't mean you have to become all paranoid about American-hating media. Try to see it positive: friends tell friends like it is if they are concerned about their well-being, no beating around the bush, no euphemisms and so on. Also, just because someone is fat doesn't mean that they are disliked. Again, this straightforward language is as often used by German media reporting about developments in Germany and it definitely has a negative and alarming undertone. Though a more positive spin here and there would suit the German media well it has nothing to do with hate for Americans. After all, the American media has been calling out the battle against obesity for years now and US experts are as worried as German experts about child obesity in their countries.
Folks, this article and some of the rude comment are very embarrassing. Come on, how can you seriously point your fingers at countries trading with one of your former allies? You have been showing the rest of the world how modern business is done - and they have been eagerly learning: Keep your options open, former allies can and will be tomorrows enemies, and Dr Jeep plays on, and on and on... And, fer chrissake, quit loving Bill O'Reilly and start loving Gunter again! Cheers