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That's really the only way to be sure. Hopefully Mr. Clark will be back to make a post or might skim one of these more recent threads so that he can scan the ip address and block this troll. I believe TypePad has the functionality to do ip bans; I remember that one troll, Scott, get banned that way a few years back after he started going off the rails a little bit. I can't remember if he had a TypePad account or if his actual ip address had been banned.
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Oct 10, 2010
Well, I've changed it now to something unique. Hopefully at least now the impersonator can't copy both my name and the icon simultaneously. As far as I can tell, to get the unique icon he or she has to register an account, and s/he can't do that without using a name other than "hapax". That should solve this (irritating) problem for me, at least. Hopefully our friend is long gone.
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Oct 10, 2010