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Jamie Fristrom's indie game development studio
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The new builds are up on Humble! Sorry it took so long - had one issue after another - and I never did see your e-mail ... (I checked my spam folder too).
The DRM-free version lags a month or two behind the Steam versions, but if you buy it, let me know (jamie at happionlabs dot com) and I'll make sure to get the latest up for you as soon as possible.
Yes, Xinput support is on the wishlist - btw, since you sound like a dev, do you have recommendations on how to make it happen?
Hi Agar - If it was all about dollars and cents for me, going indie is not replacing my AAA salary, so it's not technically worth the opportunity cost. But it's not about dollars and cents for me. It's about making the games I want to make with no compromise, spending time with my family, being happy, etc. So as long as I can make a living wage I'm good. Which I did. (This time...)
Sorry Gavin, but I work for myself and my partners are paid with rev share. So there really are no labor costs. (Other than the loc, which I mentioned.) We could talk about the opportunity cost of me giving up my six figure Treyarch salary to go indie ... but then I just get depressed. :) And see above, what I told Sergio about how much person-time went into the project.
Richard, I'm pretty sure my agreement with Sony for Energy Hook does not require E&O. When I did Playstation Mobile stuff ratings were required, but they were all through free mobile-friendly ratings boards.
Narg, could you provide some evidence or a link for that assertion? Games on mobile or Steam don't always have ratings - why on the Xbox One?
Mjc0961 - I wasn't trying to attack Microsoft. They could relax their policies about E&O insurance and rating the games in various territories, but I get why they do it. This was supposed to just be an informative post.
Tonicboy: Good question. EFIGS has been what we've standardly localized to for years and I just realized I don't really know why that is. It may have to do with what markets the Xbox has most penetrated. I also didn't want to do any languages that required double-byte. Ian: To get in the ID@Xbox program you have to sign up here (, but there is a long waiting list and they prioritize people with experience. StrangeDude: Maybe, but it took about the same amount of time to make this version as it did to make the original version for Google Chrome. And even if it took longer to make an original title, the overhead would be the same. Sergio: We had two coders (including myself) working for about three and a half months, but part time: 20 to 30 hours a week. We also had a musician who put in a few weeks.
Localization was done mostly by my pals at - not too extensive compared to most games, as half of it had been already loc'd for Deluxe. About 800 words. Yes, loc costs would go up proportionally for more text.
Oh yeah, we still have a long way to go before it's a level playing field and games are being played simply on their merits. Studies have shown that these curated and ranked marketplaces act more as a randomizing factor elevating arbitrary good titles to top-selling positions while other plod along. So much better than it used to be, though: hundreds of moderately loud voices instead of a handful of really loud ones.
Hi Polimer, Getting better video capture stuff is on my to-do list. Until then I'm embarrassed to capture footage because my poor capturing tech makes it look like the framerate is low. In the meanwhile, you can look at some of my recent broadcasts just to see how things look these days. (Ignore the framerate.)
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2014 on Energy Hook Update version a3.85 at GameDevBlog
Hi Sevvi, That's weird - you should have gotten e-mails about how to download. Anyway, this update describes the process for backers: E-mail me at if you still have problems.
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2014 on Energy Hook Update version a3.85 at GameDevBlog
Nope - a new tiny update is coming Real Soon Now (tm).
Cameron, I know, right? My dad got me my first computer (Commodore Pet with 8K of RAM) when I was Sofi's age. I'm handing down the torch.
I'm all about Unity3d - that's what I'm making Energy Hook with - that said, a) rpgmaker has much lower barriers to get to the "look I made a game" point, and b) I think part of the reason Sofia loves rpgmaker is because she likes that kind of game. If Halo was her favorite game I might consider starting her with Unity. :)
After writing this, it occurs to me there is a way to "lock" those inspector values - at least for your own classes. Move the values back out of the prefab and into the defaults for your script and make them private. I might well want to do this for my character's movement parameters...
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2013 on New Release Blues at GameDevBlog
Thanks man! Too bad I don't know what I don't know.
RespectReadOnly.cs link is fixed now. Thanks! I should also add I've switched from Unfuddle, which got too expensive as the project get big, to running subversion on Amazon's EC2, which costs less than a dollar a month so far.
BTW - I've been asked what I used to stream - it's XSplit Broadcaster.
Thanks Adam!
Sorry, PipeGames1, wans't able to reproduce your problem. Just to show I really gave it a shot, though - and you can look and see maybe I'm doing something different than you meant? - here's a clip: Also, I've been assured that the Animator overhead problem is fixed now, so if you're seeing some kind of slowdown it might be something else.
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2013 on Unity Animator.Update Hogging CPU at GameDevBlog
Couple comments I've gotten on Twitter already to fix that banding - David Rosen suggested using yCoCg color space for less banding, which I think I could do if I wrote a new skybox shader, and Jamie Churchman suggested splitting the clouds & stars into a separate texture.
Yes, it's the same license as Lady Blackbird. The old story games wiki is down, so now it is no longer a project anyone can edit, but if somebody wanted to host it somewhere else I wouldn't (and couldn't) stop them!
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2013 on Blackbird Pie at GameDevBlog
Hi Veav, e-mail me - - and we'll figure something out.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2013 on That's Drama at GameDevBlog