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the couch
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i don't have anything to say that will help, but know that i'm here and listening and thinking of all of you often.
Well fucking put. <3
Heck yeah! i would like to spend some quality cartoon-watching time ensuring you and JC are treated like you matter. (you matter). <3
:):):) this is good news.
You rock.
Does the next post say 'i dedicated energy to people who don't deserve it'? b/c i don't want to read that post. I want to read the one that says 'i spent today nurturing myself and healing my family the best I could without focusing on someone else's drama'. But if you can work the words 'choke on a cock' in there, I'd probably read whatever you posted. HUGS AGAIN. <3 AGAIN.
you're doing the right thing. this unit is YOUR family, no one else's. You and JC decide what is best for you, her, and the kids, and everyone else can ch*** on a c***. Focus inward. Don't waste your precious, limited energy on outside drama. Don't acknowledge it, don't waste a breath or a thought or a moment on it. Keep your eyes on the prize. HUGS.
Ouch. that stings. Here's an excerpt from a recent conversation with your beloved, which i find especially apropos right now: Kat: seriously all kids do that stuff. I hope you saved room in your bad place for the rest of humanity. Your wife: Not all kids drive their moms away on a regular basis Kat: oh, but they try. I sure did. the difference is yours left, and that is more about her than it is about you. Upshot: Kids never mean what they say. We can't take anything they say seriously-- they are barely half a human. Wish i could be there to help, and hug. XX
<3<3<3<3<3 one for each of you.
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