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I know EXACTLY where you are coming from! It's amazing how much you appreciate that time alone in your place, where you can eat, watch and do anything you want! If I want to sleep until 12:00? Done! Nobody asking me any questions about it! And no fighting over what we're going to watch on TV is priceless! Have fun!!
I'm so excited for you! I remember when we were there like it was yesterday (it actually was a little over 5 years ago, holy crap!) I wish you the best of luck and make OPKs be your best friends :) I can't wait to hear the exciting news that it worked! I have had nothing more exciting, draining, tiring, fun and fulfilling happen in my life than having kids :)
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Good for you! Trust me, it's amazing the things you start doing once your children are involved! And I heard that book is good...I never read it, but I knew lots of women that did and said they loved it!
Thanks to Isabel to linking me here! I love reading about your daily adventures and the Tragic Love Series is something awesome I look forward to on Fridays. Congrats on the baby thing...I hope it's a short journey for you!
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