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I think it's important we're honest with ourselves. Passing health care reform does not mean that those 45,000 people per year will not die. It means that they will be more likely to have access to care -- not even that they will have insurance. There will still be people who free-ride, even with an individual mandate. The numbers will hopefully be reduced but we can make no promises about lives saved and still be accurate about the legislation we are discussing. There are no death panels -- that much we can agree on. Now we have to swallow the ugly truth of reforming the system this way: there is no "universal insurance" either. The most this bill purports to provide is universal ACCESS to insurance products. That is a laudable goal in and of itself -- but it is not universal coverage. We do ourselves no favors lying about what the bill provides. I would not be surprised by large numbers of patients showing up at hospitals and demanding care after this bill passes -- they'll believe they're covered because the discussion has been so fast and loose with the truth.
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Nov 30, 2009