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Hi! I want to set up and configure parental control on windows 8.1 but can't really get things done. So, I was wondering if you could help me out with it. I am not real tech savvy so got myself Familoop Safeguard as parental control on my iOS. But not able to do it on my PC.
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You got good information there. But as a parent let me add a real quick one. As parents we have to constantly monitor what goes on with our children's internet activity. Not that our children can go thee wrong path but we must consider they can come across darker side of the Internet.Thus, I personally recommend a parental control with any gadgets we buy for our children to safeguard them from digital vulnerabilities. I use Familoop to keep safeguard of my child online.
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I had a bitter experience with my eldest son suing SnapChat he was sending all sorts of sexting to his girlfriend and as a parent it was a nightmare finding out what your son has been upto. Then I got myself Familoop to filter all his SnapChat and monitor his online activity.
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This is really absurd. What responsible parents don't wanna know what bad things their kids are doing so we as parents can guide them? What are parent's for if not showing their children the right path? Once I happened to find my teenage son viewing explicit contents on the web. I talked to him about it and I made him understand that these are bad and shouldn't be followed but then I also got a parental control solution by the name of Familoop Safeguard so that I can monitor his online activity. And, yeah that's what responsible parent's do.
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May 10, 2016