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Reminds me of the start of 'We need girlfriends'. They graduate, are moving their stuff into their new place and Tom gets dumped. Boo.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2009 on Dumped at chris leavins
Oh Rae that's awful, I'm sorry (though I'm sure you didn't write in for sympathy). Sounds like some people at least have constructive advice in the comments, though all I can say is this sure puts my heartache in perspective. I won't go into the mess that is every element of my life, just know I wish you every hope and happiness. The first few years of teaching are notoriously awful as I'm sure you know, just keep at it and keep active and this will not be forever, I promise.
I've got to say I got the same impression from these photos as you got going there, Chris. The whole thing seems so sad and morbid, a real window into a troubled man. Michael and Britney, their lives shouldn't be put on show like this, they need psychiatric help. This whole museum gives off the feeling like he's dead or something.
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2009 on How Chris Spent His Afternoon. at chris leavins
At least there's lots of fruits and vegetables there to offset the bajillion liters of coke. And fish on the wall. on the wall?
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2009 on This Week in Food. at chris leavins
This is not a new show, its the latest series of Super Sentai. Power Rangers is originally a Japanese show which Disney buys the footage for, cuts out all the asian actors and re-films it with American ones. They also change the story, and make the whole thing so very much more cheesy lol. You'll see this robot in 'Power Rangers: RPM' this year. This season - 'Engine Sentai Go-Onger' - is nearly over, and the next season starts in Febuary (with a samurai theme). If you are interested in watching the Japanese version with subtitles you can over at P.S. If you were interested, the first season from our childhood, 'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' was originally 'Kyoryu Sentai Zyu Ranger'.
Oh chris, you really need to stop with the shipping supplies or youre never going to make a profit. We dont want you to lose money on your first batch of tshirts!
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2008 on Episode #170 "Men in Shirts" at chris leavins