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South Windsor, CT
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Unfortunately you cannot judge the abuse characteristic of this electrolyte unless s hard short is created during testing. If the claim is that this electrolyte does not short, then providing one test picture is not conclusive and a much more statistical evidence (10 in a row ) is needed. The fact that performance is not degraded shows that the short circuit current is going to be high, and the fact it has DMC pretty much guarantees a fire if a hard short occurs. So prove that this electrolyte prevents the short, because unfortunately this just looks like a failed test unless there is a lot more data.
Gentlemen, please realize that the NREL data covers a host of manufacturers throughout their development periods. The truth is fuel cell engines can and have lasted over 20,000 hours in real world field conditions without fuel cell stack overhauls. The air blower/compressor needs more maintenance thanks to the bearings. The real question is can this be a cost effective solution given infrastructure costs and increasing competitiveness from battery electrics. Now is actually the most promising to.e for fuel cells thanks to the advancement of batteries. The class 8 trucks that cause the most pollution can be cost effectively replaced with CNG/LNG/BEV/FCEV hybrid systems (short haul port trucks) by properly sizing the fuel cell to battery energy and power, which allows even longer life of the fuel cell by treating it like a base generator and the battery as a peak shaver. It also reduced the cost difference to around $100k so that a regular diesel is 150k, a hybrid might be 200k, and a fuel cell would be 250k in low volumes (10-20). I have no doubt that fuel cells will play a larger role in the future, however niche it may be.
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Sep 13, 2016