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This makes me ill. The abuse has to stop and the place needs to be reformed! Where is the board and the leadership when this is going on? These security cameras are supposedly being monitored. To pick up or drag an animal by a choke pole (aka control pole or catch pole) is abusive and NOT how this equipment is to be used! Misusing this equipment can cause injuries. New security videos from Memphis Animal Services: "MAS Worker Shuts Cage Door on Puppy’s Leg Four Times", "MAS Workers Using Chokepoles Inappropriately" "Injured Dog at MAS – Did Worker Cause the Injury?" Info on protests and news coverage under "Petition Updates" at More action needs to be taken about this.
Love what's being done, Brent! Hope all barriers to licensing can be removed. I also believe many of the Calgary model programs and services are compatible with the No Kill Equation when they are implemented properly. Bill Bruce notes that they've found it is 90% education and only 10% enforcement when the community understands they will be receiving actual value and services in exchange for ID/licensing their pets. They also have a fund where people can donate to cover license fees for those who can't afford them. (Free recorded webinar, "The Calgary Model for Success", with Bill Bruce, from Aug. 19, 2011, Our city recently found more revenue when they realized they weren't charging surrounding communities for providing AC sheltering for dogs brought here. Another idea to increase the return-to-owner rate is to make pet owners aware of techniques and information they can use if their dog or cat becomes lost. Good info for those who've found lost pets too. Things Animal Control and rescue groups should be aware of so fewer pets will end up in shelters or rescue groups. I highly recommend referring pet owners to the sites with unique recovery tips: Missing Pet Partnership, and Cats in the Bag, The free recorded webinar by Best Friends Animal Society and, "Think Lost, Not Stray", with Kat Albrecht, founder of Missing Pet Partnership non-profit pet detective agency uncovers some surprising barriers to increasing the return-to-owner rate. Really worth watching for those serious about proactive redemption.
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Feb 4, 2012