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Yesterday I saw a doctor about my foot which is bothering me. She is checking my blood for early arthritis. Yikes. Wrote about this on my blog ( and today helped a friend move. But ate donuts for breakfast, because I did not plan ahead (like you said). I like the thought of planning ahead rather than acting like I'm in trouble, with my log. Since my foot is somewhat better I will walk my 3 miles on the treadmill and write a food plan for tomorrow.
Yes, thank you for the challenge. I'm 35 pounds overweight and out of shape. 5'6", 44 years old, 170 lbs. In the month of October I will: 1) walk six days a week. My foot is hurt/ing (possibly arthritis, waiting on doctor report) so ... I'm not sure what that will do to my walking but I can't keep making excuses for pain, perhaps just no incline which exacerbates it. 2) I will find Yoga to practice three times a week to manage stress and sciatic/back issue. 3) I will eat three meals a day focusing on natural (not processed) food. I will write everything down that I consume. My goal: 2 pounds a week for month of October. Doable?
Count me in! My blog is:
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Sep 9, 2010