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Put into comtext, the £322 million the Government spends on spin rates low in the scale of expenditure when they can afford next year to hand over £6 billion, equates to £115 million EACH WEEK to the EU and that's after all payments are received. Tory spin on the press spin on the Today programme perhaps could have included this expenditure! But yet again, WHO CARES!. Harry
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The next Conservative Manifesto should include TWO significant policies to return Democracy to our elected representatives at Westminster. POLICY 1. To amend the EEC Act 1972 that allows EU Institutions to pass laws that take effect without discussion in Westminster. For the period 1992-2003, 27,019 Regulations & Decisions were enacted & 962 Directives. (Hansard 22 March 2005 Col.795). Regulations and Decisions once issued by EU Inst., pass directly into effect. Directives are enacted Nationally BEFORE obtaining legal force. Failure to enact leads to remedy in the ECJ. By amending the Act, Westminster would not allow any EU Law to be enacted if it was shown not to be in the interest of the UK. (Bill Cash MP has such an amended policy). POLICY 2. A policy offering a Referendum to the people of the continued UK membership of the EU. No one below the age of 50 has ever been asked their view. By adopting both these policies, the Conservatives could be seen to support true democracy and find a good majority of those 8 million voters lost to the party since 1992. Harry
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