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The reason 'beers' exists as a word is in order for us to describe different varieties of beers. It is *exactly* the same as 'wine' and 'wines'. If you said, "I'm having some wine with my dinner", you are indicating that hounded going to consume an unspecified quantity of wine. If you said, "I'm having some wines with my dinner", the implication is that you will be drinking several different types of wine with your dinner. 'Beers' only works if: 1. There is no choice of beer in the establishment in which you are drinking, or 2. There is no choice of volume of serving in the establishment on which you are drinking. 'Beers' can be a plural but not whenever you want it to be. 'Footballs' indicates a number of inflated leather objects. 'Football' indicates a game, but can also indicate more than one game. 'The football results.' 'I'm going to watch the footballs results' is grammatically incorrect, even though 'footballs' can be a valid plural of 'football'. 'I drank three beers' is what people who don't understand subtleties say when they mean 'I drank three pints/litres/330ml servings of beer.' Unless you mean you drank three types of beer. Which, let's face it, you don't. I'm English, by the way.
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Mar 21, 2014