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I'd say calling him hypocritical, a liar, ineffective, a loony and corrupt would classify as a character attack. Maybe I'm just thin-skinned like that. Agreed on elected mayors being a bad thing - further Americanisation of the UK. Then again, with what the Conservative party is doing to the NHS, I guess they like Americanisation...
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The video itself is fairly funny. It's just the combined effects of things like this turning the London Mayoral election into a farce. We have a genuinely left-wing Labour candidate, and a genuinely conservative Conservative candidate. It could have bucked the trend for boring centrist battles and become a real battle of ideologies - instead it turned into a personality contest.
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I really am sick of the character attacks. Wish both sides would leave it out - but it seems to be coming from Boris' side far more lately. Debate policy, not personality, for gods sake.
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Instant distrust I see! No need to bluff/double bluff, I highly doubt Conservative HQ take note of my posts here (if they do, free university please) - but I genuinely believe this. Labour accepted that they needed to move to the centre in order to remain electable. The Tories haven't done the same, and, lo-and-behold, are struggling to be elected. They failed to win a majority against Gordon Brown, and are behind in the polls to Ed Miliband. What happens when a charismatic leader takes the helm of the Labour Party?
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Here's an opinion from a Labour Party member - I think the Conservatives would be making a mistake to sack Ken Clarke. I think he's one of the more moderate, liberal Conservatives - I think most people on this site think that too! It's tempting for Conservative Party members/supporters to call for him to be sacked in order to shift the party to the right, and probably wouldn't affect Government policy too much because the Tories now have the Lib Dems to keep them pinned centre-ish. But sacking moderate, liberal Clarke will only make the Tories fight harder for right-wing things like scrapping ECHR, scrapping 50p tax rate etc etc - and this will make the Lib Dems job of painting the Tories as 'nasty Tories' that they had to stop from pulling to the right. Ie, sacking Ken Clarke would hurt the Tories electoral chances, even if he stands in the way of short-term popularism such as Europe-bashing.
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Mar 12, 2012