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What the fuck... Never thought I would see a dolphin making sweet love to a headless fish. In support of Peter's comment, Wildboyz the movie would be brilliant! What are the odds of it happening??
Toggle Commented Nov 27, 2013 on they're not pink dolphins for nothing! at dickhouse
Oh the modest staff at the house of dick. His appearances on jackass and wildboyz were the big-time!! Never mind all the clueless teens watching america's got talent.
Happy Birthday Shanna, I hope she enjoyed that badass cake!
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2012 on happy birthday to shanna! at dickhouse
@JoyJoy There's a popular drink called Tango, and a few years ago they had famous adverts in which they would cover someone in the drink turning them orange, with the phrase You've been Tango'd. And since, it has often been used as a phrase to take the piss out of people who are overly fake tanned, have too much make up etc Whatever happened to Jeff here I'm not sure lol
Holy shit who Tango'd Jeff? Anyway Nitro Circus 3D looks like it's going to be awesome!
What a shot! Love Dimitry's laugh at the end
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2012 on summer funnin' with dimitry at dickhouse
Great story man. RIP Dunn, we all miss you a shit ton.
It still seems unreal to me that Ryan Dunn has passed away even though it's been a year. A lot of people I've spoke to who are CKY and jackass fans like me say they feel like they have lost a close friend even though they never met him. I've been watching jackass and CKY for around 12 years and it does feel that way to me too. But one thing that the cky and jackass crew can say, is that they have lived life to the full and been lucky enough to make a living out of hanging out with their best friends. Knoxville mentioned that Dunn said something along the lines of he's done everything he wanted to do in life, every other day is just a bonus. And that if he died the next day he would have no regrets. And obviously that doesn't make up for anything but it almost makes it easier to think about for some people, knowing that he felt that way and he was happy. Not many people can genuinely say that and mean it. I try not to think so much about the loss of Dunn, of course it is a huge loss! but I always remember all the funny and crazy things those guys did together which their friends, family and fans will never forget. Like pissing on Dico's face in Iceland, jumping in the shit tanks in West Chester and shoving a toy car up his ass (I've never looked at toy cars in the same way since jackass 1) I can't my imagine life without CKY and jackass... it would be so, so boring. Watching jackass and cky never gets boring, so thanks to those guys and to Ryan Dunn for all the funny, crazy, weird and ridiculous memories over the years. RIP Random Hero!
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2012 on never forget at dickhouse
Impossible to forget about Ryan Dunn. Thanks for all the great memories and the laughs. Better to think about the good times Ryan had and that he and all those guys have lived life to the full. Whoever knew him in person was so lucky, but for a lot of us fans growing up watching CKY and Jackass, it does feel like a close friend has been lost. RIP Dunn Made a tribute pic myself the other day:
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2012 on never forget at dickhouse
Happy Birthday Steve-O!! You gotta come to Nottingham again, awesome seeing you in Rock City last year!!
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2012 on happy birthday to steve-o! at dickhouse
And damn that was one hell of a fall, hope he makes a good recovery after that! The pics from the ball game in memory of Dunn look great, and it was such a good way to remember him too.
Thought that was Joe Frantz on the left for a second haha
Watching jackass, cky and viva la bam has not been the same ever since Ryan Dunn's death. I'm still in disbelief, growing up watching you guys for all these years I, and I'm sure so many others felt as though we actually lost a close friend. All you guys seem to have lived life to the full and were lucky enough to make a living having a laugh and hanging with your friends doing all that crazy stuff. Not very many people get to do that and I thank Ryan Dunn and the rest of you guys for bringing us so much joy watching you mess with each other. I will never forget Dunn jumping into the shit tank, and sticking the 'car toy' up his ass. RIP Ryan Dunn.
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2012 on today in the city of angels... at dickhouse
I have a genuine question to ask and don't intend to come across as a complete dick or anything, but how much longer is this show going to be on the air?
I was just thinking the same thing about hair bands, it's gotta be true! Also, whenever I hear of, or see anything to do with Turbonegro I can't help but instantly hear 'All my friends are dead' and think of The Gauntlet. What a scene.
Just noticed the little text under the picture on the right 'pull down with two hands' haha
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2012 on have you seen her? at dickhouse
Should have put the video above the text, I can't stop looking at jeff's sleeve after reading that. But very much enjoying the 'JT gun show' of course. That was no accident, Jeff knew what he was going. Trying to get us all riled up!
'Our third issue should be the tenth anniversary' - of course it should haha looking forward to the next 2 parts of this. I was never fortunate enough to get my hands on a Big Brother Magazine (I'm guessing they weren't sold in the UK?) but I'd sure as hell would love to have at least one issue in my possession. (yeah I looked on ebay and there are none!) Get in touch dickhouse, my birthday is coming up...
gotta love sarcasm... Thanks.
After all the articles I've read on this site, the writing never ceases to amaze me, it has got to be some of, if not the best writing on the web! Also.. is it possible for Johnny Knoxville to ever not look cool?
Don't know what was worse for Rampage Jackson, losing to Jon Jones or appearing on this show... Probably the show.
Since my exams are coming thick and fast like a load of Dave England's shit, or a load of horse cum destined for Chris Pontius' insides, I am depending on to keep me sane and give me the much needed daily uplifts to keep me going. And, aside from the odd Rob Dyrdek posts, it is doing just that! These are the kind of posts we want, keep them coming.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2012 on weeman v. weeing men at dickhouse
Happy Birthday Wee Man!!
Toggle Commented May 16, 2012 on ¡feliz cumpleaños, hombre pequeño! at dickhouse
Just as the posts were getting back to their best... yet another Rob Dyrdek inspired dip in form. Come on dickhouse. The three high points of this post was the mention of Ryan Dunn, Jeff Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville. I agree completely with the first comment. Rob is a fuckface and he is not funny. The photo of Tremaine with his gay socks was better than this post and all those other ones of the like put together. And there you have it, Jeff Tremaine's socks are funnier than Rob Dyrdek and his show. Please, no more!!
Wow. One of the best images I've ever seen on the interweb. Great shot Johnny! Can't help but laugh whenever I see Jeff. And always smile whenever I see Dunn, still hard to believe he's not around anymore.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2012 on my hero at dickhouse